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Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 13
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Contestant Quote of the Night: "I'm not here for friendship." -- Jen (in the words of Walter O'Reilly, she certainly came to the right place!)

Last week: Corey tried to convince Jen to switch to the blue team. Jen, because she hates Corey, switched to the blue team. That'll show her! Then she annoyed Louross and Petrozza while Rosann set fire to some stuff and Christina panicked. Chef Ramsay shouted at Matt and shut down the red kitchen. The blue team finished up the red team's service and Jen cackled and called them bitches, apparently for that one time that someone muttered "great" in answer to Chef Ramsay. Corey nominated Rosann and Matt because it's fun to make people jump through hoops and then ignore the arbitrary rules. Rosann went home.

Back in the dorms, Matt tries to apologize to Corey for letting them down, but she seems too tired to care. Louross giggles that Matt's on thin ice, and I kind of approve of his enthusiastic schadenfreude. Bobby explains that he doesn't like to talk a lot in the kitchen and that he wants to let his cooking talk for him. That sounds okay, except that Gordon Ramsay is very much in favor of a talkative, communicative kitchen. Still, I imagine he'd rather have a quiet guy who doesn't serve raw food.

Bobby says he doesn't care for Jen. No surprise there, but he says it in both an interview and while sitting around with Corey, Christina, Matt, and Louross. So that's everyone but Jen and Petrozza, I think. It's hard to figure out the cliques from these short clips, especially when all the cooks are too tired to stand up, let alone sneak off into the corner to gossip about each other.

The next morning, the challenge is to cook scallops, John Dory, and chicken. The gimmick is that it will be done as a relay, with only one cook from each team in the kitchen at a time. I wish it weren't food from the dinner service menu; this show is repetitive enough without having the challenges involve the same food they're already cooking on every episode. At any rate, the cooks get six minutes in and fifteen seconds of overlap to tell the next cook what's up.

Jen forces through her plan of having Louross sit out because she thinks he moves fast but doesn't get anything done. In her interview where she explains this, she has no expression at all in her face. It's creepy and somewhat menacing. Oh, and I can see some crew members and a cameraman in the back of one of these shots, which happens surprisingly rarely. Louross accepts it, but he doesn't seem happy about it.

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