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Bobby explains that after losing seven out of eight challenges, it's starting to hurt. Starting to? Sheesh.

The first round is between Petrozza and Matt. Matt runs into the kitchen while his team members shout "don't fall!" Is that supportive? It seems a little mean to me. "Don't rub the raw chicken in your eyes, Matt!"

We're told that each dish has a different cooking time and that they all have to come out together. Matt starts poaching his chicken (which takes about ten minutes, according to him) but Petrozza starts with putting his garnishes in the pan. After six minutes, Christina roars into the red kitchen. Matt quickly tells her "I got all the veg on, chicken's dropped, everything's mise en place." After cheerily telling Chef Ramsay everything's fine, Christina interviews that she didn't understand a word Matt said. I have to admit, it took me several tries to get it. Petrozza and Bobby spend a little more time together, which lets Bobby self-promote in an interview that his forte is "think, plan, and execute". I have a horrible feeling that this goes back to his "four-star general" thing.

When Christina takes the chicken out of the poach, which I am aware is probably not the correct way to describe it, it's supposedly raw inside. Corey, outside the kitchen, feels that it's going to be overcooked now. The first thing Christina says to Corey when the six minutes are up is that she should leave the chicken in the oven because it was pretty raw, so there's a chance that they've communicated their way past the disagreement. Jen and Bobby don't appear to say much to each other, but it's hard to tell.

Corey and Jen have to finish everything off and plate everything, which seems like it might be a more complicated task than the middle person had. There's some running around, and things get more or less finished.

Judging! First, the scallops. The red team's is missing the salad (Corey: "We just forgot it." Fair enough!) and the blue's team has something that Gordon affects not to be able to recognize as an overcooked egg. And a scallop that's raw in the center, so the red team wins. Jen continues her streak of unwise interview segments by insisting that the scallop was perfect and that Gordon Ramsay doesn't know what he's talking about. Red team, 1-0.

Next, John Dory. The red team's tastes okay, although the sauce is too thick and the presentation is deemed "dreadful". The blue team's has no sauce at all, because Jen says it burned. Chef Ramsay does not appreciate that, but it tastes all right and looks better than the other one. 1-1.

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