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The blue team is onto desserts, and Bobby makes the mistake of calling Jen "honey". Her response is lengthy, well thought-out, hits all the salient points, and includes a "hell" that has at least four syllables in it. Her name, she would like to emphasize, is "Jen". Or "Jennifer". Not "honey." It's a good interview. Unfortunately, her righteous anger is a bit undercut by the fact that her pineapple upside-down cake isn't fully cooked. It's actually liquid in there. She's thrown off her oven; she's done. She interviews that it's not fair for her to be blamed, although it did appear to be her job.

On red entrees, Matt is on crème brulee, and I think they look pretty good. Both teams finish service (Matt to Bobby: "Good job, bitch. Way to go." I think he means it... affectionately?) Does it count as finishing service if some of your customers walk out before they get served?

The customers chose about evenly between the two kitchens. Chef Ramsay makes Matt take off his bandana, likening him to Homer Simpson for no reason I can tell. The blue team loses, which means that Matt is the luckiest person ever. Petrozza comes in for some dirty-lettuce-related abuse, but he's still the one who will select two people for elimination. Jen interviews that she feels she's a million times better than Louross. Louross interviews that he hates Jen. Bobby interviews that he's better than both of them at life and cooking. We didn't see Bobby screw anything up, so you'd think it would be Jen and Louross, right?

Down in the dining room, Petrozza's first nominee is Louross ("I believe Louross lacks the skills to compete at this level") and Jen ("Jen has more to learn than she has to teach"). Chef Ramsay announces that "I'm going to do something now that I've never done before." What, follow the alleged rules of the competition? Zing! No, he's asking Petrozza who he should send home. Oh, that's mean!

Petrozza says that Louross should be sent home. Chef Ramsay agrees. Goodbye, Louross! It's fairly amicable, at least. But we're not done! Matt, step forward. Now it's between Matt and Jen. Both of them are told to take off their jackets, dramatic pause, and go back to their original teams. We're back to Corey, Christina, and Jen on the red side; and Bobby, Petrozza, and Matt on the blue side. Starting over!

Next week: blindfolds, driving, briefcases full of cash, plotting, gloating, Las Vegas, and dinner with Rock. And Matt "goes crazy" in a way that looks suspiciously similar to Mel Gibson's Curly imitation in Lethal Weapon. Be there!

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