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Day 9

Jen takes her turn at the pass with Ramsay overseeing her. Things go relatively okay until she almost sends a dish of crab spaghetti out without the crab. Ramsay bellows at her to smarten up, and Jen doesn't make any more mistakes. She even catches an unseasoned and improperly cooked risotto and gets into a brief time argument with Scott. She puts her foot down and Scott backs down. Rock's opinion of Jen's performance is that she's inexperienced and her announcements and directions came out "jumbled." Forewarned by Jen's sabotaged spaghetti, Rock makes sure that Scott's attempt to send monkfish without its prosciutto wrapper doesn't happen. He sends the dish back and berates Scott for not knowing the menu. Bonnie's opinion of Rock's performance is that he was slow and should have been better given his experience. Ramsay seems to agree as he keeps urging Rock to use his fingers and move faster. Finally, Bonnie is up and she catches uncrispy squab and also announces that Jen's risotto is bland and unseasoned. Bonnie tells us, "Jen didn't even taste her food. I'm not sure if she has as good a palate as I thought she did." For some reason, that really pissed me off. I don't know if it was her superior, condescending, "I'm so disappointed in you" tone or what, but I really got overwhelmed with irritation there. Rock's opinion of Bonnie's performance is that she was "all over the place," and she was. We get several scenes of her screwing up orders and correcting herself and telling them to forget what she said. Oh, I know why "Bonnie" and "palate" bugs me -- it's because she supposedly has such a refined one. I swear she's been carrying that success through this competition with her like it's some new badge on her Girl Scout sash.

During Bonnie's time at the pass, Jen admits to having overcooked risotto (Scott tastes and confirms this) and slows down the entire line. However, at the end of the night, Ramsay tells the contestants that this was Hell's Kitchen's best night ever. He sends the three of them back to their dorms to prepare their reasons why they should be among the ones to go to the finals.

There's some hidden "who deserves/wants this more" jousting between Bonnie and Jen, but it's bloodless, and Bonnie professes to want the win just as much as Jen. Back in front of Ramsay, they all give their little speeches (Jen's is so much better than Bonnie's) and finally Ramsay says, "And my decision is, Rock." Rock's gutted. I scream. (And then kick myself for getting too caught up and not predicting this.) Ramsay just called his name to say, "You've got to go... into the final." Rock pulls his head back off his chest, shakes his head and says, "Don't scare me like that." Between Jen and Bonnie, Ramsay elects to keep Bonnie. Ridiculous, whiny, annoying, not-knowing-what-franks-and-beans-are Bonnie. Jen cries, Ramsay hugs and kisses her, tells her she should be very proud of herself, and calls her, "My darling." Forget the Vegas restaurant -- that's the prize I want!

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