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Five Chefs Compete, Part 1 of 3

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Ramsay Arranges a Meeting With the Five Families

This episode is "5 Chefs Compete, Part 1 of 3"!? It's going to take THREE episodes to eliminate a chef this time? Good lord!

Ramsay dismisses the remaining five chefs, with Susan breathing a sigh of relief since she thought she was going home. Don't worry -- you'll be with us another two weeks. I mean, I realize that's not two weeks of Susan's time, but there's only so much of her self-regard I can stand. And now she's quizzing Ja'Nel on why Ja'Nel hates her, even though Ja'Nel insists she's just talking about little nitpicky things. Jon is lamenting being the only man among the women, mainly because the women are referring to "estrogen" and "periods" and "chocolate" instead of how much they want to have sex with Jon, apparently. There is discussion of south-of-the-border grooming habits, but it is not sexy enough for Jon. If this is the kind of filler we have to sit through for three episodes, it's going to be a long summer.

The next morning, Ramsay says there's one more thing to go through before he awards the black jackets, and plays them a video. It starts with Cyndi's sister and her mom and her dog, talking about missing her and how proud they are. It completely breaks Cyndi up in the moment and during the talking head. It's sweet. Jon almost starts crying too and then his sister and mom show up for encouragement. And Ja'Nel's sister and mom are there now too. Susan's little brother is on the video and so is Mary's brother. "Wasn't that wonderful?" asks Ramsay, taking a break from his regular routine of cursing the living fuck out of these contestants. We go to commercial with the cliffhanger being just what the next challenge will be...

...and it turns out the challenge is (not surprisingly) to see their family, who are all there behind a curtain in the dining room. It gets a little dusty in the room as all the cheftestants hug their family members. Even Mary is not annoying as she squeaks about seeing her mom and her husband. Her husband isn't there, though, because he's in school. But he's sent a letter about how much he misses her and how proud he is and how much he supports her. Mary speaks movingly about how he's her best friend and whatever.

I cannot beLIEVE how choked up I get with Jon over how he misses his best friend's kid's first day of school. Good CHRIST, what is wrong with me? Apparently the kid's dad died when the kid was one. "He's already been through a lot," says Jon. "This entire journey, really, is dedicated to Hayden."

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