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Burger Time

What is it, close to a month we’ve gone without eliminating someone? I can’t even remember a time we didn’t have five contestants. People traversed the Oregon Trail in less time than it has taken to cut one of the five remaining contestants.

But it appears we’ve finally made it. This is the night.

Ramsay dismisses the chefs after their successful dinner service. Mary’s pissed because Susan and Cyndi said she’s the weakest chef, considering how far she has come. Cyndi correctly points out that "Most Improved" doesn’t count for anything. She yells and screams, and it’s like an angry chipmunk is loose in the dorms.

The next day, Ramsay tells the chefs that he’s prepared a gourmet dish of a food that’s making its way into more and more five-star restaurants lately, an inspirational American dish. A waiter brings out a covered platter and Ramsay makes the cheftestants guess what it is. Pork shank? Sweetbreads? Kidneys, liver? It turns out to be a hamburger, a gourmet one he serves in London that goes for as much as a hundred dollars. Which is outrageous, clearly.

Their next challenge is to come up with a gourmet burger. "If you don’t how to make a great burger, what the fuck are you trying to run a pub for Chef Ramsay for?" asks Jon. Then Ramsay introduces Jean-Philippe as the guest judge, and Susan patronizingly says JP is "definitely a diva" so they have to make a real diva burger for him. There is some lighthearted banter with Jean-Philippe, Ramsay expressing disbelief that he’s worked here for fourteen years. "Feels like fourteen minutes," he says, before adding, "…underwater." Everyone laughs and Mary squeaks, "Without oxygen!" Like yeah, Mary, THAT’S THE JOKE. And JP has brought other mâitre d's, sommeliers and restaurant managers, and there’s a whole restaurant full of them coming in now. Ramsay jokes that he’s concerned for the diners of L.A. today.

The contestants are required to make ten burgers, so each judge can sample all of them and then they’re to work the dining room and explain their creative process. And they’ve got just thirty minutes to make all their burgers.

Mary’s making a short rib burger with a pancetta Roquefort relish. Cyndi is making a wagyu beef burger, and she sneers at dainty Ja’Nel and Susan making wimpy turkey burgers or something. Susan is, in fact, Greek yogurt and feta dill spread, because she lives a healthy lifestyle. And she keeps burning her buns, so maybe she’s riddled with venereal diseases? And Jon -- drawing on a Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace theme -- is making a Caesar burger, which sounds disgusting. He’s making his burgers too big for the buns, but it’s too late to do anything about that. And Ja’Nel is making a salmon burger with shallots and red onion, because everyone’s expecting rich and hearty so she’ll go really light.

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