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Five Chefs Compete, Part Two of Three

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You’re All Winners, In The Loosest Possible Sense Of The Word

The champs, however, are getting a little backlogged on appetizers. "Rock seemed a little bit lost," Christina tells us, and we watch a few "confused Rock" clips. "What?" he tells us in a talking-head, which made me chuckle. And for all that, they get through the appetizers without any major setbacks. In fact, they're done before the cheftestants. Paul will be on meat and Christina on fish for the entrée round.

The current competitors have to finish their final order, Susan still feeling majorly aggrieved by how much more she's busting her ass than Ja'Nel... at least in her own mind. Jon's annoyed because his scallops are waiting on Susan's cappellini, and they start sniping at each other. "Susan should go home. I don't know how she's made it this far," Ja'Nel tells us. And now Ramsay is yelling about the kind of things he yells about. Considering how much contestants usually fuck up to earn Ramsay's wrath, this seems a little ginned-up to go to commercial break on.

Sure enough, it's perfectly cooked and like a minute late so hardly a mortal sin, even if Ja'Nel thinks Susan is "a joke" and shouldn't be making mistakes like that this late in the game.

Paul is killing it on meat. Just ask him! Except he serves the lamb a little undercooked, which he seems to blame on New York being more awesome than L.A. He recovers and meets Ramsay's approval, but not a diner's, who sends it back for being too rare. "Are you fucking kidding?" he asks. Meanwhile, Cyndi is killing the duck. Ramsay is mad that Mary is "staring" at him while he's calling out the order. "Like something out of the fucking Shining," he mutters. He's just looking for things to be mad about now, because the cheftestants are firing on all cylinders, heading for their final ticket. And now Cyndi appears to have timing issues, which Susan finds excusable in herself but unforgivable in others, it would appear.

With the former chefs -- I'm not sure what's happening, but whatever it is, Paul is telling us that's why he's a big deal. Meanwhile, Dave appears to be expressing a desire to have sex with Christina, who doesn't want Dave too close to her.

Cyndi serves up the last meat and Ramsay mutters it's the best he's ever seen it done. Only one of the lamb orders is brought back with a request for a medium order instead of the medium rare that was delivered. God, shut up, L.A. Cyndi's next order, though, isn't any more cooked and Ramsay stops it at the pass for being as bloody as the order that came back. "You're screwing the team!" Ramsay says. Cyndi can't believe she made such an amateur mistake in a black jacket.

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