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There’s No Accounting for Taste It, Now Make It

Ramsay dismisses the Final Four, and then we have to listen to Mary ramble on about how she’s here to fight and she’s not the weakest chef, completely unaware of Cyndi and Ja’Nel openly rolling their eyes at her.

The next morning, the chefs gather in the dining room with Ramsay standing in front of a couple of white boards with the Hell’s Kitchen logo on them. This week’s tortured metaphor is how cooking is like a puzzle or some bullshit, and he splits them into two teams -- Jon and Ja’Nel, Mary and Cyndi -- to put together some sort of food puzzle on the board. Cyndi gets mad at Ja’Nel for trying to do it all herself, but maybe Ja’Nel just wants to win? Jon and Mary get their picture of some sort of meat dish put together first. But as everyone can tell, this is not the real challenge, so they don’t win anything. Ramsay explains that this is the "Taste It, Now Make It" challenge. They’ll have thirty minutes to taste the dish (the one that’s in the picture) and then recreate it.

The teams get to work. Mary figures her mad butcher skills will give her an advantage in terms of determining the protein. Cyndi and Ja’Nel think that its venison, Mary’s going with bison (mmmm, bison) and Jon is confident that its beef filet (which is what it looks like to my untrained eye, but I would figure it’s a little more difficult than that). They all think the puree is butternut squash, so that’s a wash. As for the diced vegetable, Cyndi’s going with turnip, Ja’Nel and Mary think it’s parsnip and Jon’s picking celery root.

With ten minutes to go, Mary -- tasting the dish one more time -- thinks the protein is lamb and she scrambles to cook some. She’s not able to fully cook the lamb, but serves up the undercooked dish anyway.

Ramsay tastes the dishes, not saying anything one way or another when presented with each cheftestant’s dishes. Finally, he says the only way to win is to get the protein right, and then he tells Mary the protein was definitely not lamb. Jon’s beef was cooked beautifully, but it was the wrong protein.

Cyndi and Ja’Nel are right about the venison. Everyone was wrong about the butternut squash, though; it was carrot puree. So it comes down to the vegetable: turnip or parsnip? I can’t believe I’m watching a Fox show where a commercial-break cliffhanger is "turnip or parsnip?" I miss 24 so MUCH, you guys.

Turns out that its turnip, meaning Cyndi won the challenge. "I finally frickin’ won a challenge on my damn own!" crows Cyndi. Ramsay praises her extraordinary palate: She’s going on a shopping spree -- a thousand-dollar budget! -- at Sur La Table. "FUCKIN’ TURNIP!" yells Ja’Nel, which made me laugh. Also, he’s escorting her to dinner at a place called Fat Cow, his new Vegas restaurant. "Fat Cow"? Was "Wanker" taken? "Welcome to Fuck Off -- table for how many?" Meanwhile, the losers have to clean out the dressers and extra dorms because it’s moving day. An even worse punishment is to have to listen to Mary whine about how humiliated she is.

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