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One Contestant Goes Missing

All of the soft drinks have red tape partially obscuring the logos, but not very well.

Finally, Bobby stands and shouts, "I vote me for captain!" Everyone else gives up and votes for him and then goes to bed. Meanwhile, the women are staying up studying. Good for them!

Next day: Lots of preparation. Matt admits that Bobby's a good leader, and he does seem to be keeping good communication, asking when certain things are done and generally getting things moving. Meanwhile, the women can't find Vanessa. Sous chef Gloria feels the women are going too slow. Someone falls down, but at this point, I can't tell who it was.

It's time for the Pre-Service Pep Talk, which goes like this:

Ramsay: "Tonight should be the most successful opening ever in Hell's Kitchen."
Bobby Interview: "The Blue Team is ready to go. I'm not letting that team lose tonight."
Ramsay: "Bobby. What are the five entrees on the menu?"
Bobby: "Ummmmm...if...I'm not sure..."
Ramsay: "Matt. What are the five entrees?"
Matt: "Uhh...."
Entire Women's Team: Raises hands, thinks "Pick me! I know!"

Petrozza also does not know. Chef Ramsay is incredulous.

Back from the commercials, people are lining up out front and none of the men know what the menu is. Ramsay finally asks a woman and Christina knows that the entrees are Lamb en croûte, salmon, John Dory (I think -- there is a fish called John Dory. But it could have been "tandoori"; she talked pretty fast), beef filet, and a poached and roasted chicken. Ramsay thanks her wearily but sincerely.

According to Matt, "Knowing the menu is one thing. Cooking the menu is another thing." Well, sure, but isn't the first part kind of a prerequisite? What were you guys planning to do exactly? Just fry up whatever was at hand and hope that it came close to something on the menu? Were you maybe thinking this was Iron Chef?

Moving on, there's an amuse bouche, which Ramsay alleges to be stunning. One person from each team will be serving tableside, which means historically teams have chosen to shove someone out of the kitchen. This time, Chef Ramsay makes the call: Petrozza for the Blue and Shayna for the Red.

"Jean-Phillippe: Open Hell's Kitchen". In they come. The first dish is for the blue side, but where's Jason? Oh, there he is: in the dorms, having a smoke. There are cricket noises. And a bullfrog as he picks his toes. Wow, you would think a guy could at least show up for the first service.

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