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One Contestant Goes Missing

The amuse bouches looks to be some kind of shrimp. That can't be right, can it? Anyway, it's flambé, which is always fun.

Jen is running roughshod over Sharon (whom she calls "the taller Barbie" on the strength of her blonde hair and "big knockers") in the appetizer station, and that results in unsatisfactory risotto. On the blue side, Jason has also ruined some risotto, to the point where Chef Ramsay does that thing where he makes everyone taste it. Apparently, it needs salt.

Bobby interviews that he personally could have run the appetizers, cold salads, and meats all by himself. And why didn't he? Because he's a "nice guy". Chef Ramsay calls him [bleep] useless.

On the red side, Chef Ramsay gets fed up (heh) with the risotto and tells Sharon to go put on more makeup and switches Jen onto appetizers.

45 minutes into the service and no food has left the kitchen. Somebody berates poor Jean-Phillippe about the lack of food. Honestly, you went to the first night of Hell's Kitchen and expected food? That's just silly.

Jason has burned risotto and forgotten scallops. Chef Ramsay is angry. See, that's why you go to Hell's Kitchen: so you can sit and watch people get yelled at. And now Jason is being forced to eat the whole plate of risotto. He looks glum, as well he might. Meanwhile, at least the tableside flambés are fun.

Based on some bad eggs, Chef Ramsay demotes Vanessa from Captain and promotes Rosann, who immediately starts keeping up a line of chatter like she's a Little League shortstop.

Dominic gets yelled at for not knowing what to do with his scallops, and then Chef Ramsay goes on one of those tears where he insults everyone on one team, ending with calling Louross a toilet brush, presumably on the strength of the hairstyle. It seems that he blames Bobby for not taking control. As soon as Chef Ramsay leaves, Bobby explains that he doesn't want to jump in, because "you guys got it over there". That's some good four-star generalling right there. Bobby doesn't want to join the chaos.

On the Red side, Jen's risotto has passed the test, and that means that some customers are actually getting some food. On the blue side, nothing is happening. Dominic is just standing around with scallops on his hand, not doing anything. That's not great.

Louross has had enough and starts yelling at people to taste their food and actually telling them what's needed (salt and pepper, it turns out. Who knew?). Chef Ramsay promptly demotes Bobby and promotes Louross in a hail of bleeping. Bobby interviews that he thinks he's still a general, even though he's not technically in charge of anybody.

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