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Blood on the Blender

Brian's proud of his team for finishing dinner service, which he figures is a major momentum shift. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Kimmie commiserate about how Barbie is the ONLY person dragging the team down, despite the fact that most of the team stunk out the place tonight.

Remember that Ramsay said their next challenge was going to be a tough one? They're woken up early by a bunch of border collies let loose through the dorms, and then the contestants are ordered up and out of bed and into rubber boots and overalls, and Donald, 44, jokes that he's going to be Old McDonald on the farm. And then someone says "Get 'er done" which should be grounds for disqualification right there.

The teams are herded into the HK SUV fleet and taken out to a farm, where Ramsay is waiting for them in the middle of a pen. Kimmie talks a lot of bullshit about how she's from Tennessee so she's down to get dirty and at least today she's got overalls on so Hell's Kitchen's ass-crack pixilator can take the afternoon off.

Ramsay tells them he wants them to get really close to their ingredients. He whistles to some dudes who open the back of a livestock trailer, and out pour a herd of sheep. I find it hard to believe that their little hooves were able to sign the necessary release forms giving permission to be on the show, but they're here anyway.

Painted on their backs, and printed on ribbons around their necks, are ingredients. Each team is going to be making four lamb dishes, and the idea is to, one team member at a time, wade into the pen, grab a sheep and therefore earn its ingredient, and tag a teammate who will then do the same. Tiffany says she's not afraid of farm animals, and since she's already opened the door for cracks about Clemenza's weight, I'd like to suggest farm animals leave her alone out of professional courtesy.

Some cheftestants have more trouble with the challenge than others; Clemenza doesn't spook the sheep at all and is able to walk right up and simply grab the ribbon off one. The challenge's editing kinda had it looking like the men had an easier time of it than the women did, but in the end the women have one more ingredient, and it's back to HK.

They're going to make lamb steak, rack of lamb, lamb chop and ground lamb, and they have forty-five minutes to do so.

The teams split into pairs and divvy up the ingredients. Then Guy slices his finger and starts yelling like he's been shot, and it turns out to be a little booboo on the tip of his finger. Having recently had five stitches in my index finger, I'm on Ramsay's side as he mocks Guy for sounding like he got circumcised without any anesthetic. Guy keeps his mouth shut, and Justin's forced to more or less work on his own. Hey, you know who else made it seem like the injury was a much bigger deal than it turned out to be? You did, you stupid show! In your promos yesterday for tonight's episode! You made it look like someone almost died!

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