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Blood on the Blender

At the track, the guys take some time out for a bros-before-hos speech. And back at the kitchen, Danielle has finally had it up to here with Kimmie's negativity. "What, you think because you're five-hundred pounds I'm not going to say anything back to you?" she tells us. She confronts Kimmie in the kitchen, and Kimmie admits that she just felt like giving her attitude today, which Danielle calls mature. Amusingly, Kimmie DOES apparently think her testicle-gobbling makes her better than Danielle, and then things quickly devolve into a shouting match. Well, Danielle's yelling. Kimmie seems to find it amusing.

Blue team's back and ready to carry the momentum into dinner service, and James gets the go-ahead to open the restaurant. Unfortunately for Red, Danielle needs the very first order repeated. And then she fucks up the risotto, so things aren't off to a good start. A normal start, just not a good one.

Justin's on appetizers for Blue and Brian's on fish, so they're key to starting better than the women. But they serve up raw salmon for the cioppino. Danielle, meanwhile, seems to be falling apart, but so is Robyn on garnish. They're barely speaking to each other, but somehow appetizers are getting out. Brian gets the cioppino right and the men are able to move onto entrees.

Aaaand things go south again, with some raw cod. Cat food, Ramsay calls it. And then burnt cod. And then he runs OUT of cod. "What in the fuck are you doing?" snaps Ramsay.

An hour and fifteen minutes into dinner, and neither kitchen has sent out an entrée. I guess Red has the advantage, then, presuming they haven't run out of cod too. Ramsay decides to substitute the sea bass in Blue, and Brian says, "Coming right now, baby," and he's lucky Ramsay didn't leave him a bloody smear on the wall for that one! "You COOK like a fucking baby!" says Ramsay. Brian apologizes but Ramsay throws him out anyway. "What's the matter with that jerk?" he asks, which is actually the nicest thing he's been able to say all night.

Justin takes over the Blue fish station and does a better job of getting things going. Meanwhile, Roshni brings up some Wellingtons for her team's first entrees, but they're garbage and she's got to start again.

As for Don on the meat station -- well, Guy compares it to riding in a car while Don's driving, and Guy would put on seventeen seatbelts in the backseat. It's not because Don's moving particularly fast, though. For all the setup, though, Don serves up a perfect Wellington. Roshni, though? She has to keep taking the Wellington in and out of the oven because she can't get them ready. And even when she finally gets it up there, she serves up stone-cold raw Wellington, and Ramsay kicks her out of the kitchen, and Danielle takes over on meat.

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