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I Fought the Cod, and the Cod Won

As usual following an elimination, there is talk of someone being thrown under the bus. Robyn is outraged that a teammate who they put up for elimination (albeit one who volunteered, but make not mistake, the team would have marched her up there) would then express a difference of opinion as to who the worst chef is. Robyn goes off in a rant while the rest of them would rather just sit and smoke and soak their feet in the hot tub. Everyone's too tired to engage her, and she eventually burns her anger out.

The next day, Barbie's up and prepping the kitchen at quarter to six while passive-aggressively stomping around and rattling plates to wake people up. When sleepy teammates stumble down to the kitchen, bleary-eyed, to call her on her shit, she self-righteously explains that she wants everyone to remember why they're here. They're here to beat you for head chef at Ramsay's Vegas steakhouse, Barbie.

Tiffany starts screaming and stomping around and yelling about choking out Barbie instead of looking for a bra to put on, because damn. Before any actual choking-out can happen -- with Tiffany doing the thing where someone pretends to come at you and pretends to be blocked by someone in the way -- Ramsay calls the kitchen and orders everyone downstairs in their jackets.

Outside the kitchen, he motions for them to be quiet, and then brings them into Hell's Kitchen, which is festooned in flags and bunting with people singing "America the Beautiful" and a judge presiding over a fake citizenship ceremony that everyone dutifully claps for. Guy in particular is moved, because he just got his American citizenship four months ago, so he knows how hard it is to get.

Ramsay tells the new citizens that in honor of their new home country, they will be serving an all-American meal. Clemenza for some reason looks slightly panicked at this. Jesus, what time is it? All the new citizens sit down and Ramsay tells the teams that the first one to finish serving their diners wins the challenge.

Each team has to cook for sixteen people: A Cobb salad appetizer, choice of entrees: Nebraska beef sliders, thin New York style pizza, or a Wisconsin grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled cheese, how fancy!

Royce has to finish his Cobb salads before the team can get the entrees out, but on the Red side, Barbie is plowing ahead on her pizzas without worrying about the appetizers, it seems. Ramsay yells at her and she apologizes. Robyn says it was time to step up, but which she means start yelling at people, but the salads start getting out, and Red Team moves on to entrees.

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