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I Fought the Cod, and the Cod Won

Royce is still working on it, and talking about himself in the third person. Then he serves up a Cobb salad that has mushrooms on it, which is a no-no, and Ramsay dumps it. Clemenza, unbidden and to Royce's annoyance, starts helping out on the salad, because it's mind-boggling what an idiot Royce is, he tells us. Guy also helps out, and their salads pass muster, letting Blue get to work on the entrees.

As for Red, now Barbie is not getting them cooked fast enough, although Kimmie's on the station too but it's all Barbie's fault I guess. Kimmie calls her a bitch enough times to make me take Barbie's side pretty much no matter what, but no one on the rest of the team is very enamored of her, and Ramsay kicks her off the pizzas.

We now spend some time exploring Clemenza's Italian heritage and his family pizzeria and the many pizzas that helped construct his arguably heroic gut, which means we can expect him to fuck it up. Which he does by not cooking the pizza enough.

While he gets back to work, Red team is communicating better and making me hungry with the Nebraska sliders going out. Brian's responsible for the sliders in Blue. "This is easy. It's mini-burgers," he says. Ah, hubris.

Ramsay's convinced that all the new Americans are going to return their citizenship over Brian's raw sliders. "The ground beef is RAW!" yells Ramsay, wondering if anybody will take control. Patrick says he will, since it's hard to watch "grown-ass men," a phrase that always makes the person saying it seem like the opposite of what he thinks he seems like, serve up raw sliders.

Patrick's sliders are nicely cooked, so Blue's back on track, but they've got three tables left while the women are on their last table, and no amount of editing trickery makes it seem like this one is close. The women close it out by serving up their last pizza, and then Ramsay orders them into the other kitchen to help the men close out their orders. There's a little reluctance at first, but then presumably the Blue idiots realize they've already lost the challenge so there's nothing to be gained by refusing to work together to help feed the people still waiting on their food.

Everyone gets fed (Ryan makes big babies Blue thank the women for helping them out). After lunch is over, Ramsay announces that their prize is a trip on a private jet to go on a safari in San Diego. They screech and leave to go get ready while Ramsay chews out Blue, wanting to know who the leader is going to be. After a lot of foot-shuffling, Patrick says he'll take over. "I need to see it," says Ramsay. Royce, who can't cook spaghetti or mashed potatoes or SALAD, thinks PATRICK is in over his head.

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