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I Fought the Cod, and the Cod Won

In a remarkably restrained discussion, Briana almost immediately volunteers. She tells us that she feels the team would be worse off without her, though, and hopes Ramsay believes her. As usual, it's easier for one person to step forward than it is for a second person, so finally someone decides it should be Barbie, at which point everyone does. Kimmie in particular feels that Barbie fucked her tonight. Barbie considers herself a scapegoat and suggests Dana instead, prompting the team to remember that oh yeah, Dana was the first one to suck tonight! We don't get to see what they decide before they file back into the kitchen.

Ramsay asks Robyn for their first nominee -- it's Briana, for the cod, and then (thankfully) rather than waiting until after the commercial break to find out who the second one is, Robyn says it's Barbie, because of her continued scallop-related shittiness.

Ramsay calls them both forward, saying they're as good choices as any, but then adds that there's one more person who deserves to be there with them. And that's who we have to wait until after the commercial break to see.

Ramsay tells Roshni to get her ass up there. "You, madam, were shocking tonight. I mean, really shocking," he says, telling her she's way over her head. Roshni says she cooks with her heart. She screwed up today, but she wants him to see what she's got.

Briana says she's a team player and she knows she's a good cook, and she learns from her mistakes. "Bravo," says Ramsay sarcastically, who's of the opinion that she just disappeared tonight.

Ramsay calls Barbie "the appendix" that her team all wants gone. Barbie admits making some mistakes, but she's tried to do everything she's asked to do. "I am a fighter and I'm not going to stop," she says.

Ramsay calls it a tough decision, and then finally decides on Briana. It's not a fakeout; he asks for her jacket, telling her she's not getting stronger, and he needs someone very strong.

She leaves, and tells us she came here to challenge herself, and she doesn't think Ramsay got to see how passionate she is about it, acknowledging that she didn't show herself to be enough of a fighter.

Ramsay sends Roshni and Barbie back in line before lecturing everyone on how he's looking for a leader and more than one of them disappeared tonight. He says the next challenge will test them unlike ever before, so they should get some sleep, because they're going to need it. The teams leave, Red still pissed that Barbie's hanging around. Barbie says Dana wants to get rid of her because she's intimidated, but she's not going home until Ramsay sends her there.

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