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Ramsay explains that the judges will taste the dishes and announce how much they'd pay for it, and the winner is the chef whose dish fetches the highest average price.

Justin's up first, with his roasted corn, roasted mango, jalapeno salsa and chili shrimp. It's called nicely crispy and perfectly cooked, but lacking liveliness. Justin is figuring his seafood selection will make the dollar signs spin, so he's pissed off when Christian says he'd pay $24. In the end, the average price for his dish is $28.33.

Barbie's next, and she says she's feeling the pressure because right off the bat a pork chop is less expensive than shrimp, but she's still confident in her cooking. She elects to plant the seed of $35-$40 in the minds of the judges by telling them she "added value" by adding the sausage to the pork and sauerkraut. They all tell her that there's too much meat going on, but she still fetches an average price of $33 because it's cooked well (and let's face it, restaurants will charge more for pork and sauerkraut and sausage than they will for pork and sauerkraut alone). Justin can't believe he got "beat down" by Barbie.

Dana shouts at us that she can't believe Barbie got $33 for a pork chop, and now she's worried about her tiny piece of halibut (forgetting that the judges decried Barbie's putting too much on her plate). She introduces her panko- and herb-crusted halibut with shaved fennel salad and citrus beurre blanc. Rave reviews from the judges, two of whom pay $32, with Lefevre coming last and saying he'd pay $38, giving her an average of $34 and the lead.

Christina laments Dana "crushing it" yet again but gamely brings up her grilled swordfish with saffron rice and shrimp. They all love it, but Lefevre and Philippo both criticize the fact she left the skin on. Garvey disagrees, saying it adds flavor and he likes having the option. Two of the judges weigh in before we go to commercial, with prices of $32 and $35, so she just needs Lefevre to give her $36 to win the challenge.

But he gives her $34, bringing her in to $33.67, and handing the competition to Dana, who starts yelling about how proud she is of herself. "It's all me! It's all me!" she crows. Christina just wants Dana to let her win a challenge for once.

Dana's prize is lunch at Lefevre's restaurant, as well as some one-on-one instruction from the guy. Ramsay notes that at this stage of the game, any education is valuable. Justin hangs his head and feels sorry for himself.

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