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Time to Kick Some Pass

After she leaves to go get ready, Ramsay sighs and takes a moment before apologizing for what he's about to tell them: Because the environment is so important to Hell's Kitchen or whatever, they have to sort through all the garbage bins for recycling purposes before prepping the kitchen for tonight's service. Justin and Christina spend a good deal of time bitching about it -- and they do have to don special suits to rip open the garbage bags to sort through everything -- with Christina saying she'd rather give Clemenza a head-to-toe bath than do this. Barbie seems matter-of-fact about the whole thing, and is in fact glad Dana's gone because Dana would have spent the whole time whining and moaning about it, an assessment I completely agree with.

As it is, Dana shows up to MB Post, where she's surprised to find she's got the restaurant all to herself, and Lefevre takes her into the kitchen, who shows her how to cook their dishes, like Vietnamese curried mussels.

Back at Hell's Kitchen, all you need to know is contained in the following statement: "There's so many maggots in here." Justin acts like a big baby about it and has to take a break so he doesn't vomit, while the women continue working.

Back in the kitchen, Dana seems surprised when Lefevre tells her to serve the mussels to some guests in the dining room. She was assuming the mussels were for her. It turns out they still were, because the guests are her parents. This makes Dana even shoutier than normal during her talking head segments, she's so excited.

She gets back to the Kitchen, with the rest of the chefs in a foul mood. Justin, despite having avoided as much garbage work as possible, doesn't seem to have been able to get the garbage smell off him, while Christina's in no mood to hear from Dana about how awesome the prize was, despite the fact that Dana is a) supposedly her friend and b) not really rubbing it in.

So when Dana changes and joins them in the kitchen, the other chefs are being big babies and not really talking to her, I guess because she had the audacity to win the day's challenge. "Come on, Christina! What the fuck is your problem?" Dana shouts. (At us, not at Christina, even the editing tries to make it look like she did) Well, now's as good a time as any for Dana to remember that only one person can win Hell's Kitchen.

Ramsay gathers them up at the front to tell them tonight's service will test their leadership skills, because they're all going to take turns running the pass. "Damn, homey, I'm about to run the pass!" Dana yells. Well, now I want to give her the silent treatment.

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