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Time to Kick Some Pass

Even more pressure-inducing: the president of Paris Las Vegas is joining them tonight. Gasp! Not David Hoenemeyer? Ramsay's not willing to let the chefs screw up tonight's service, so with the chefs taking turns at the pass, Andi and Scott will be jumping in on stations.

Justin's the first to take a turn at the pass, and seems to handle it well, even when Ramsay throws in his trademark sabotage, getting Scott to serve up crab in the lobster spaghetti. Justin catches it, earning praise from Ramsay, who says it illustrates how important it is to taste everything that comes to the pass.

Dana sees it differently: "Justin's being sooo annoying," she says, and we watch Dana and Justin argue about how long a dish is going to take (on their first table of entrees). Dana doesn't have much incentive to make things easier on a competitor, but Ramsay calls her out and says her attitude stinks, after Dana gives up a "It's going to be ready when it's ready." Ramsay lays into her for it. At the same time, it doesn't hurt to learn how to deal with petulant staff. It almost feels like Ramsay should have let Justin handle it.

Dana, despite feeling unfairly singled out by Ramsay, smartens up, and after the entrees start getting out, it's Dana's turn to take the pass. The other chefs ignore her first, somewhat weakly yelled, order (who'd've thought that Dana wouldn't yell loud enough?) so Ramsay takes her aside and urges her to take control. She turns up the volume and starts cracking the whip, but then she fails the quality control test when Ramsay dumps some sugar in the risotto. She doesn't catch it, despite tasting it, and it's fun to see the sneering disappointment develop on Ramsay's face as he watches her taste the sweetened risotto and then prep it for sending anyway. He stops her and makes her taste it again, at which point she realizes her mistake.

After that, things go well enough for Dana, and then it's Barbie's turn to run the pass, but on her first order, she yells it out into the dining room instead of back into the kitchen. "The hardest thing about running the pass is trusting that everyone back there has your back," says Barbie. Yup. There doesn't seem to be any deliberate shenanigans going on, but Dana and Justin aren't communicating well, so Barbie reads them the riot act (at Ramsay's urging).

Scott's sneaky sabotage is to serve up celeriac mash instead of mashed potatoes. It's not a difficult one to catch, and Barbie seems outraged either by what a stupid mistake it was for Chef Scott to make or (most likely, given that there's always sabotage on this show when the chefs take the pass) insulted that she was given such an easy mistake to catch. Nevertheless, she finishes up pretty well, and passes the baton to Christina.

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