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Season 11 – 12 Chefs Compete

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I'm Going to Take You by Surprise and Tell You I Despiiiise… Amanda

Ramsay kicks the chefs out, and Amanda feels like shit, because she thinks Ramsay should be praising her every night, and instead she's on the chopping block. In the dorms, her teammates agree that Amanda is terrible and needs to step things up.

But tomorrow is another day, and Ramsay enjoys the energy the teams display as they bound into the dining room the next morning. He greets them, and tells them he and James and Andi were discussing when they developed a love of cooking, giving Ramsay the chance to show pictures of himself as a teenage chef and soccer player (his hair a perfect floppy follicular wave on his head). Ray expresses surprise that this Scottish soccer player could have turned out to be such a hardass, which when you think about it is among the dumbest things ever said on this show.

Anyway, we're now going to see childhood photos of all the chefs, it appears, starting with Zach and Nedra, and then cycling through the gang, with Ray's the funniest mainly due to their being the greatest amount of time between present-day Ray and young Ray, whose hair is dark black and appears to be going for a '70s lounge-act look.

Then Ramsay shows a picture of a 15-year-old girl named Briana who's going to be celebrating her quinceañera tonight, which is a Latin American tradition celebrating when a girl becomes a woman.

The guest of honor comes in, preceded by mariachis because of course, and is accompanied by her mother and party-planning godmother, who then instruct the chefs to make "fun appetizers" and "lemony" and stuff that's "spicy but not too spicy." And the godmother says they "like to eat meat." Questions from the chefs drag out the fact that they like cheese and steak, and Zach seems to be of the opinion that Briana and her family should just shut up and let them cook.

Anyway, they've got to create two appetizers, one pasta dish, one chicken and one steak entrée, and they've got forty-five minutes to do it.

After the requisite montage of the chefs scrambling, it's time to compare dishes. Cold appetizers: Ja'Nel's mango, cucumber and jalapeno ceviche goes up against Jon's ceviche with lobster, halibut and crab in crispy shells. Briana likes it because she can "taste the lemony" and her godmother likes "the fried on the outside." They pick Blue's appetizer.

Hot appetizers: Cyndi's fried-cheese raviolis (thumbs up because it's "hot and melty") beats Barret's macaroni and cheese balls because he used hot sauce like an idiot. Point to the Red team.

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