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Season 11 – 12 Chefs Compete

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I'm Going to Take You by Surprise and Tell You I Despiiiise… Amanda

Pasta dish: Nedra's grilled shrimp with herb marinade (is there a pasta in there) versus Ray's three-cheese homemade raviolis. The judges pick Blue two-to-one, and Ray tells us he's the "ravioli fucking king."

Anthony spins a story about preparing the dish he used to eat with his nana: Grilled chicken with refried pinto beans. Briana likes it, but thinks it could have used a little more flavor. Anthony swallows the insults that he clearly wants to let fly, but unloads on us: "Briana! You're fifteen! What do you know about the flavor of chicken?" Mary has made a butterfly chicken with lemon cream sauce and cauliflower puree. The judges make idiotic comments about how it's too soft and "a little too much lemon" and the judges give the edge to Red. The score's tied at two, leaving everything up to the steak.

Amanda versus Michael. She's made a grilled ribeye with some spicy chili peppers "but nothing overpowering." Not too spicy for Briana, who likes the flavor. Michael, you'll be surprised to learn, has a pretty high opinion of his dish, which isn't described for us but appears to be a steak with some kind of corn salsa and matchstick something-or-other. Ramsay thinks it appears raw, and Michael assures him it's not, but the damage is done, as Briana's family of culinary experts all complain about the dish being raw.

After Briana's family leaves, Ramsay crows about Red's total domination of the challenges, and then sends them off to Knott's Berry Farm. They run off giggling, and then Ramsay sighs at the thought of having to deal with these morons again. Unsurprisingly, they've got to prepare Hell's Kitchen for the quinceañera, under the guidance of godmom Josette.

So we cut back and forth between an extended commercial for the awesomeness of Knott's Berry Farm and the men decorating doll centerpieces with tulle. Ray snidely talks about how he never had to do anything like this in the marines, but I hope his task completion rate in the marines was a little better than the one-for-eight performance of the men in the challenges. At one of the carnival games of Knott's, sneaky editing makes it look like the women were picking off targets with the men's faces on them, and not that it was staged or anything.

Back at Hell's Kitchen, Josette is ordering the men around until Barret picks up a chair and pretends like he's going to throw it, proving yet again that there's no non-event that this show can't spin for a commercial bumper that makes it look like something actually happened.

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