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Season 11 – 12 Chefs Compete

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I'm Going to Take You by Surprise and Tell You I Despiiiise… Amanda

So the dire consequences appear to be that ... the first waltz is just going on ahead anyway. It must be nice for the dancing teenagers to have the backdrop of Ramsay screaming at the Red kitchen about how he can't believe they screwed up the easiest fucking appetizers, and Amanda offers an ill-advised, "I'm more embarrassed than you are, trust me." Ramsay tells her to fuck off, a couple of times. He pulls the Red team into the Blue kitchen so he can yell at Red in front of Blue and then to stress the importance of doing entrees properly. Anthony's worried that Ramsay's in a mood now, thanks to Red. But it's not Red's fault that Barret serves up crunchy linguini and Zach's not serving enough garnish. But they get it right on their next try.

Then Nedra serves up some dry chicken, and she similarly bounces back on her next team. The top table is now done, and the entrees now start going out to the rest of the tables. But in Blue, Zach still isn't cooking enough potatoes for garnish. Ramsay yells at him. "Fucking relax, dude!" Zach tells us. He's ... seen this show before, right?

Red and Blue are down to their last ticket at the same time. And then Barret leaves a charred piece of skewer in a dish. "I'm going to slap myself in the face for the next two years because of this pasta," Barret tells us. We'll have to set that aside, as Barret's next try is fine, and Blue's last ticket goes out. In Red, Cyndi serves up raw ribeye, so that last table has to wait a little longer.

In the post-mortem, Ramsay reminds them that it was a special event: "Especially painful," he clarifies. He says the losing team is Red, and also Blue, because they were embarrassing tonight.

The teams retire to the dorms to work out who's going up for elimination. Initial talk in Blue are Zach and Barret, while Amanda and Cyndi are suggested in Red, as is Nedra.

When they come back in to the dining room, where Ramsay lays into them again for fucking up the party.

For Blue: Barret, for his pasta performance, and Zach holding up entrees by not firing up enough potatoes. For Red: Amanda on appetizers, and -- a little more difficult, according to Ja'Nel -- Cyndi, because of the ribeyes that came back raw.

The nominated chefs step forward. Cyndi says she should stay because tonight was her worst performance. Once you figure out what she means, it doesn't sound so dumb, not like when Ramsay asks if she gives a shit and she says, "I give a huge shit."

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