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Steak Me Home Tonight

Ramsay boots this season's shitheads out of the dining room, with Barret castigating himself for being the chief shithead. In a talking head, he's practically in tears. His teammates don't want to hear his mewling, and attempt to shore up his confidence by telling him to sack up. And then he goes up to the bathroom and starts shaving his head. Well, that's a start. But who's going to play drums for Mötley Crüe now?

Meanwhile, Red are basking in the glow of another successful victory over the men, but also talking about how they need to not get cocky. They feel they're competing against themselves. Well, there's no way we'll have reason to revisit this scene at the end of this episode, right?

The next morning, Ramsay notices Barret's lack of sideburns and is even more surprised when he removes the ball cap and is completely shorn underneath. Nedra's surprised that Barret's gone all "Britney Spears" on them. Leave Britney alone, Nedra!

Tonight is steak night, and the next challenge is all about creativity, apparently, which is a nice change from conformity and raw chicken. Andi and James bring in cuts of beef. Jacqueline tells us she's slobbering "in [her] mouth," and I'd like to ask her where else she would possibly be slobbering. Since there are seven Red to six Blue, two Reds will double up on the filet, and Ramsay instructs them they'll have thirty minutes to grab their meat and enhance it, cooked to medium rare. I guarantee you none of the Blue team have ever required thirty minutes when they grab their meat, but there you have it.

The chefs get to work, with Ja'Nel expressing reservations (to us) about Mary's planned blackberry vanilla ribeye, and Anthony is working on a banana mint citrus ribcap. Jesus, it's like picking your cola flavor at movie theatre. Raspberry chipotle! Well, Ramsay is emphasizing creativity. Amanda is not as able to throw two random flavors together. Jalapeno boysenberry, Amanda! Chocolate milk poppy seed! Meanwhile, Barret appears to be masturbating his beef. And he's the one who espouses the "we're men, we eat steak" line of thinking. Again: foreshadowing alert!

Ramsay calls time on the cooking, and the teams get set to present their creations. First up, porterhouse. Cyndi vs. Jon. Wild mushroom dusted, with black garlic thyme rosemary butter from Cyndi. Ramsay praises the flavor, says she did a great job. Jon: blackberry sauce, black garlic, lavender. Ramsay says it's cooked perfectly, and is delicious. Tough call, but he gives the point to Blue.

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