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Steak Me Home Tonight

Mary's working her ass off, hoping her sliders have less hair than previous attempts, and seems to be successful so far. Red moves on to entrees, but Jacqueline stops cooking meat for some reason, waiting for Susan to serve prime rib tableside. Ramsay's got no time for that, and huddles them all together and screams at them to give him their best, or they might as well go home.

Over in Blue, Ramsay is yelling at Ray and ordering him to have to more "senior moments" tonight. Ray is, what, five years older than Ramsay? "I think he likes me, to be honest with you," Ray tells us, also pointing out that they're pretty close to the same age. Then Ray serves up some raw New York. "Do we have any fight left?" Ramsay yells. Michael's going to cook now, but they're going to have to refire the whole order since the New York will be another three and a half minutes here. Anthony complains that because of the meat station they're drowning, only he pronounces it "drownding," so fuck Anthony.

Red's not doing much better. They seem uncoordinated and uncommunicative. Then they serve up raw filets. "The easiest to cook. The most glamorous. The most in-demand. Cold and raw," Ramsay announces. Mary blames Amanda, Amanda blames Jacqueline, Jacqueline blames Amanda. Nedra starts snapping at her teammates. Ramsay tells Ja'Nel to tell the "three blind nice" that three women cooking the same steak is a recipe for danger. And then they serve up more raw meat. "Now they're taking the piss," he mutters. He brings it back from the pass, starts pounding the counter, and he winds up kicking out Cyndi, Jacqueline, Amanda and Nedra. Cyndi doesn't even know what the hell she's being kicked out for.

So Ja'Nel and Mary have to get to work, and Susan comes back in from the dining room to get to work in the kitchen. In the dorms, Amanda seems to be the only one willing to accept blame for the poor performance, although she's not got a lot of time for Nedra getting on Jacqueline's case since Jacqueline was supposed to drive the station. There is much screaming and cursing.

In Blue, Ray brings up some steaks that cause Ramsay to sigh... with relief, as he sends them out to their destination. And both Blue and Red finish dinner service. Ramsay informs Blue that they won, but not to get overexcited. Obviously, with their slow start, Blue's lucky that Red just sucked more tonight.

Ramsay reads Red the riot act, accusing them of letting their success go to their heads. He orders them to pick two people for elimination. And the fighting begins: Nedra's back on accusing Jacqueline of not driving her stations enough. Amanda tells them to stop blaming Jacqueline because she's the one who fucked up the filet. She, however, doesn't think she deserves to go home based on tonight's performance alone. Jacqueline, looking to spread the blame, reminds everyone of Mary's hairy slider.

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