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Red comes back into the dining room, where Ramsay reminds them how embarrassing their performance was tonight. The first nominee is Amanda, since that wasn't in doubt, and on the other side of the commercial break, we learn that Jacqueline is the second nominee. "She drove right into an accident, yeah," agrees Ramsay. He calls the two nominees forward.

He asks Jacqueline -- informing her it was her worst performance so far -- why she should stay in Hell's Kitchen. She says she thinks she's better than Amanda, and stays calm, cool and collected. "I can temp meat, chef," she says. Ramsay points out that she then knew the steaks were raw and sent them anyway.

As for Amanda, she says she's passionate about this, and until tonight has been nothing but an asset. "You disintegrated like a little mouse," says Ramsay. She apologizes for letting him down on the meat station. Then he calls her forward, just to send her back in line and take Jacqueline's jacket instead.

She tells us he's making a huge mistake. "I don't need some guy who screams at me to tell me I'm a good chef," she says. Well, you're on a show in which the bloody point is to get a guy who screams at you to tell you you're a good chef, so shut up, Jacqueline.

Ramsay tells the survivors that he hopes this isn't the beginning of a trend. Amanda's all "tomorrow is going to be a whole different story" and Nedra wants homegirl to "watch out." Then Zach yells at us a bit.

"Jacqueline talked a good game, but unfortunately for her, I need someone who can deliver," says Ramsay. It's sad when an exiting contestant is so unmemorable that Ramsay can't come up with a pun or anything.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. Steak my breath awaaaaayyyy. Steak it or leave it. He could do this literally all night. It steaks a nation of millions to hold us back. OK, he's done. On this show, that's as rare as unicorns. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel@gmail.com.

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