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Season 11: 17 Chefs Compete

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I Feel Like Salmonella Tonight, Like Salmonella Tonight

Zach screws up some salmon, which may blow the entire headstart Blue has. Mary eventually staggers in, and is more out of it than normal. Part of lunch involves making smoothies, and Susan pronounces that she is the Queen of Smoothies, like sticking a banana and some blueberries in a blender is such an amazing fucking accomplishment. Ramsay is less enamored of her smoothie prowess than she is, though, and Nedra has to help Susan MAKE SMOOTHIES.

The teams eventually move on to entrees, and Danielle is too slow on the sweet potato fries. She can't blame the brigade system this time, and instead blames lack of fry baskets (and the laws of physics). Ramsay gives Zach hell over some raw salmon and sends it back. Zach makes the dumb -- yet it happens every season -- mistake of taking the old stuff and trying to "finish it off" and Ramsay busts him on that, and puts Jeremy on salmon instead. Zach's lucky he didn't get tossed from the kitchen, honestly.

The women finish first, and Ramsay lets them celebrate for a minute before sending them over to the Blue kitchen to help them. Maybe Susan is the Queen of Salmon too!

After the Blue team stumbles to a finish, and the teams are lined up in the empty dining room, Ramsay announces their prize of a trip on a private jet to California wine country. They scream and screech and run away, and the men have to clean up the race route: break down the checkpoints, pick up the trash, and wash off the paint. Michael asks Ramsay if it would be possible to slow down the tickets a little so they can actually understand what's being read. His teammates quietly take a couple steps away so they don't get Michael's blood splattered on them when Ramsay takes his head off. Ramsay sneers a little but also says he'll read the tickets more slowly at the next dinner service.

Men pick up trash and scrub the concrete! Women drink champagne on a plane! Red team enjoys the wine and cheese lunch, and then stomp grapes. Prepping in the kitchen, the men talk a big game about being tired of losing. When the women return, Dan calls it a "skank parade" through the kitchen, so you realize he really knows how to turn on the charm.

Oh god, what is Danielle's problem now? Something's off with her. She can't find something, or something, and is too timid to speak up. Over in Blue, Michael ticks the mighty Dan off by asking him not to leave his shit all over Michael's station, or something. Dan wants Michael to step off, because Michael wants him to, you know, prep and know the basic ingredients. The rest of the team seems to agree Dan's a little bit lost, but Dan puffs out his chest because he's not about to let the fact that he doesn't know what he's doing let his teammates tell him what to do.

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