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Season 11: 17 Chefs Compete

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I Feel Like Salmonella Tonight, Like Salmonella Tonight

Half of the Blue diners are hungry and still waiting for their food. Michael wastes more garnish waiting for Dan to get his shit together, and then when Dan doesn't appear to know how much time he needs to finish the lamb, angrily goes and checks himself, bumping Dan in the process. Ramsay corrals the two of them and pulls them out of the kitchen into the back, where Michael yells like a crazy person and Dan is suddenly more deferential, and tells him to calm down. He apologizes. I kinda feel like Dan wasn't aware there was a camera on him because he's not acting like a tough asshole like he is during his interview segments.

Back to work, and Michael has replaced anger with sarcasm, and Dan has replaced "being a douchebag" with "cooking lamb."

How's Red doing? Serving up overcooked Wellington. Ja'Nel tells us Danielle and Jacqueline are crashing and burning. Ramsay goes on some sort of rant about how Red thinks they're hot shit because they kissed Celine Dion's ass in Vegas, which made me snicker. Danielle brings up another pair that are also overcooked, and then finally gets it right, and eventually both teams finish the service.

Ramsay declares Blue the winners not because they were amazing, but because they at least made some progress. He dismisses Blue, and then tells Red it was their worst performance so far. In the dorms, it doesn't take long for Red to identify Danielle and Jacqueline as weak links, although Nedra defends Jacqueline as being very strong and they'd be stupid to lose her. So who else sucked? Well, Jessica apparently didn't have enough "confidence" on apps, which she, not unreasonably, thinks is bullshit.

So the team puts forward Danielle and Jessica for elimination, and the fact they didn't leave the second nominee on the other side of a commercial break means there's more to this story, and sure enough Ramsay -- who seemed surprised at Jessica's nomination -- wants to hear from another chef. And that's on the other side of a commercial break.

And obviously it's Jacqueline, "because she could have killed somebody tonight." Ramsay asks Jessica why her team wants her out, and Jessica talks about the confidence thing. Ramsay asks Nedra why Jessica isn't a good teammate, and Nedra can only muster an "Um..." and Ramsay points out how dumb it is that Red nominated her but can't explain why. He sends Jessica back in line.

So it's down to Danielle, who appears to not think it's fair to judge her on the fact that she's sucked since she got here. "I'm a damn good chef, and I know it," she says. Jacqueline says she should stay because she was born to do this. "You're born to cook pink chicken," says Ramsay. Ha ha! He winces as she keeps talking about how her "body was born to do this" and says he should have thrown her out during the service.

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