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Season 11 – 9 Chefs Compete

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Michael, If This Is a Lecture on How We're All Supposed to Whatever and Blah-blah-blah…

Subdued mood among the teams following Ray's elimination. Michael, for one, is sad to see Ray go. In Red, Susan feels the need to reach out to Nedra, who's feeling betrayed by everyone, and Susan's peacemaking attempt doesn't go over pretty well. I mean, if you're actually going to say things like "You're allowed to have your feelings" to another adult, you should stop before you even start. Meanwhile, sauce-sabotagin' Zach is welcomed back to Blue. He seems genuinely chastened after having been up for elimination the last two times, and he announces to us that it's time to bust out his alter ego "Grant Banks" (the chyron of his name changes accordingly), who is, according to Zach, a "fighter beyond a doubt," while a Rocky theme knockoff.

At 4:50 a.m. the next morning, chefs Andi and James wake up the surviving cheftestants and hustle them into the dining room, still in their pajamas. Ramsay tells them that he wants chefs who can create as well as cook, so tonight Hell's Kitchen will feature a menu created by them: Each team will come up with four appetizers, four entrees and two desserts. "Nedra! I want to see you on the menu!" he yells at the teams as they, very tiredly, shuffle back off to the dorms to get planning.

The developing storyline appears to be that Zach is too busy yawning and being tired to contribute anything, and apparently Grant Banks is not a morning person. I suppose he's one of those fighters who sleep all day.

Over in Red, Nedra has taken Ramsay's encouragement to heart and appears to be dominating the discussion. "Chef wants me to stand out, and if they don't like it, they can kiss my whole hoo-hah," she tells us. Susan says Nedra's ideas are all over the place, and Nedra eventually gets fed up with having her ideas being shot down for not "saying 'yum'" or being something you can get in any diner, and she walks out. "All y'all bitches is fake," she says, but it's not clear if she said it to them or if it's just a voiceover.

Then she comes back in and suggests a gumbo. "It sounds like a Nedra dish: overindulgent. I really don't think that it makes sense," Susan says. Not that she's the only one; Cyndi doesn't like Nedra's idea to use Cornish game hen in the gumbo, but Nedra is promising to make gumbo "sexy."

Over in Blue, "Grant Banks" has finally woken up and is contributing to the discussion again, and does so enough that he apparently feels the entire menu is basically a Grant Banks creation.

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