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Season 11 – Seven Chefs Compete Part 2

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So who's it going to be? Cyndi or Jon? Mahi mahi or halibut? No wasting time (apart from a few seconds revisiting the Story So Far despite the fact that it was all outlined in the previouslies) and Ramsay names Jon the winner, then kicks everyone out, warning them Hell's Kitchen will be open for dinner tonight.

In the dorms, Susan offers congratulations, Ja'Nel is annoyed (but in a healthily competitive way) and Zach is busy big-upping his own dish still, much to Mary's annoyance.

Prep gets underway, with the women seemingly rarin' to go, while in Blue, Anthony and Zach seem to have their heads all the way up their own asses: Anthony because he feels vulnerable, Zach because he was pissed that his dish didn't win. "I'll be thinking about that for a long time," he says, maudlin piano playing, and in the talking-head he actually cries. And during prep he cries, but that's probably because he wanted an excuse to take a break and go hang out in the dorms. So Red is prepping with four, while Blue is down to two, thanks to Zach taking a break ("emotional sabbatical," the narrator calls it). Jon starts something burning on the stove, filling the kitchen with smoke, which at least lets Zach feel like the team is falling apart without him.

Ramsay gives his pre-game prep talk, telling Blue that sitting at their chef's table will be Maria Menounos. Zach seems to suggest that he wants Menounos to perform oral sex on him. Red gets Jeremy Sisto, and the women manage to keep it classy, their reactions a textbook example of, "Him? Well, OK!" Ramsay tells them to cook with passion and for once to make him proud, which ought to lift everyone's spirits. Wait, Jim O'Heir is there? He's on Parks and Recreation! Move over, Sisto! Maria Menounos arrives, and the men can't keep their eyes off her, which... well, fair enough.

Over in Red, I guess now's the time to learn that Mary cooks with her tongue hanging out, kinda like the way Michael Jordan played basketball. In Blue, Anthony doesn't know what Ramsay's on about when he says "Out in one," referring to taking the scallops out of the pan in one swift motion, rather than one at a time, but at least he cooked them right. Menounos seems to enjoy them, and Jon seems to suggest that he would like to serve Menounos his penis for dessert.

In Red -- Sisto fashionably late. Classic Sisto! -- Mary didn't drop the lobster tails when she was supposed to but apparently it was Cyndi's job to remind her. Everyone blames Cyndi, including Cyndi. In Blue -- Menounos enjoying the up-close view of the action, including Ramsay reaming out Jon and Anthony for serving up unseasoned risotto.

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