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Season 11 – Six Chefs Compete

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Ja'Nel Gives 'Em Hell

So Ja'Nel is on the Blue team now, and Jon sure isn't going to let Blue's dismal record stop him from crowing that Red team doesn't know what they're doing. Zach similarly thinks Red's not winning anything from here on out. Bold prediction, considering it's going to be time for the Black jackets soon anyway.

Sure enough, the next morning Ramsay announces the final team challenge, and notes it's a chance for Blue to end the team challenges at 10-2 in favor of Red instead of 11-1 in favor of Red.

Ramsay brings out "Chef Owen" and "Chef Jon" who are there to demonstrate Ramsay's labored metaphor on how they, as chefs, have to be expert jugglers, and then naturally Jon and Owen start juggling knives and flaming torches. Jon tells Zach, "I can't juggle. I'm not gonna lie." First of all, I doubt you're going to have to juggle, and second, can people stop appending "I'm not gonna lie" to things they'd have no reason to lie about?

And then it gets cool, because Jon and Owen then start passing the torches and knives to each other, Ramsay CALMLY STANDING BETWEEN THE FLYING TORCHES AND KNIVES and his point ostensibly is he trusts them and teamwork and blah blah blah but really his point is "look how badass I am."

So this is the three-entrée relay: One teammate at a time in the kitchen, cooking for five minutes at a stretch without communicating with the others except when they switch off, and the challenge is to cook three entrées from the regular menu as accurately as possible in half an hour.

Zach and Cyndi lead off for their teams, Ramsay whispering that the three entrées are roasted chicken, rack of lamb, and halibut. Cyndi seems much more on the ball, while Zach doesn't really have anything cooking by the time Ja'Nel comes in to take over. "Zach didn't do anything!" Ja'Nel complains. Despite Cyndi having done a much better job, Susan is completely discombobulated, calling it total chaos. Bot Susan and Ja'Nel have fires going in pans that Ramsay has to come in and put out, with the oil in Blue spattering him just a tiny bit, in contrast to the previews from last week that attempted to make it look like he went all Freddy Krueger.

When Jon gets in the kitchen, he drops the chicken on the floor, and when Zach comes in to spell him off, Zach doesn't seem to realize that maybe the guy who was JUST IN the kitchen should be giving the instructions to the person coming in. Hilariously, everybody on Red thinks her teammates were completely useless during their shifts in the kitchen. Mary and Jon are the last ones in the kitchens, so their job is to finish everything off and plate it. But Mary isn't able to plate everything, and Jon is pissed because Blue's lamb is raw. You guys pulled a Susan!

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