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Season 11: Two Chefs Compete/Winner Chosen

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The Degree of Dan Difficulty

And now we conclude the unnecessary cliffhanger from last week! After putting Mary through to the final, Ramsay picks Ja'Nel over Jon, which is the right choice. Ramsay tells Jon he walks out as the lone shining star from the Blue team, and he gets to keep the Black jacket, because he earned it. And he wants Jon to keep in touch because there's always something coming around the corridor. On his way out, Jon acknowledges how tough it was to be on those perennial losers (we get a montage of Blue's greatest misses) and says not even he could survive Blue's curse forever. "Damn, it would have felt good to be in that last two, though," he says.

Meanwhile, Ramsay is hugging Ja'Nel and Mary, who has some words for everyone who underestimated her: "You never underestimate a butcher with a soft voice." I'm not convinced that will come into play often, actually. Ramsay says it's fitting there are two women in the final, because this is the Year of the Ladies (which is really just another way of saying that the Blue team sucked). He tells them to pack their bags for Las Vegas. They scream and hug each other, even as Ja'Nel says the competition is going to be intense.

They get on the Hell's Kitchen private jet, and en route Ramsay toasts them with champagne. He wants to know how many glasses it will take to get Mary's voice lowered. It's the Mary montage! We see all the times she was up for elimination, but also her triumphs. Well, the one time she cooked a five-star dish. Ja'Nel's montage, though, is a reminder that she's been solid all the way through. I mean, the only hiccup they can come up with is a time she fucked up some scallops, which pretty much everyone does at some point (even though they shouldn't).

Ramsay wants them to come up with four appetizers, four entrees and two desserts. Mary will be working with Andi, Ja'Nel with James. Ja'Nel tells Ramsay she can't wait to show him her range, and Mary tells us that Ja'Nel thinks more highly of herself than she ought to, while we watch her sipping champagne and giving side-eye.

They arrive in Las Vegas, Caesar's Palace, where a private concierge shows them to a room I will never be able to afford in my life. They take a few moments to squeal over how awesome the room is, then head to separate areas where they start making notes on what their dishes will be.

The next morning the sous-chefs show up to help them work on their menus, and just when they think it's time to get back on the plane, there's a knock on the door. What "celebrity" will it be?

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