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Paul Is Adorable, Like a Non-Blue Smurf

Paul's next with his tuna casserole, in a brown ring on the plate. One of the judges likes it, comparing it to a crab cake, but another says it looks like cat food. The taste of the tuna is a little heavy, says one of the judges. Yeah, you hate to taste the tuna in a tuna casserole. A judge asks if he used fresh or canned tuna -- it was canned, which is a no-no, of course. Paul doesn't really defend himself, but I'm wondering if there was fresh tuna available. I think by this point Paul would know well enough to use it. Anyway, just 33 on presentation, and only 27 on taste.

Then there's Jennifer's lasagna, which she tells the judges is ironic because she hates lasagna, and I would be completely thrilled to know that the chef hates what I'm about to eat. Elise does her impression of Jennifer saying this, and she apparently thinks Jennifer sounds like Red Foxx. Anyway, it's all dressed up with peppers on top. One judge says she likes the color, but it's confusing because she doesn't know what she's looking at. And the judges aren't thrilled with the taste. She gets 28 on presentation, and 24 on taste. "These judges seriously ripped me apart," Jennifer tells us, in case any of us missed it.

In stark contrast to Jennifer's sweaty self-esteem sabotage, Elise is quite confident the judges will love her eggplant parmesan, what with her being god's gift to cuisine. "The dish you're about to enjoy is called 'Tower of Eggplant Parmesan,'" Elise tells the judges. Jennifer rolls her eyes. Look, telling the judges you hate what you just cooked them isn't for everybody, Jennifer. It's grilled and piled high and the judges love the look, and they all praise the taste as well. She gets 42 for presentation, 44 for taste.

So it's down to Will's meatloaf, one of the most comforting foods in the world, he says. He made bacon-wrapped meatloaf, and that ... is really all I need to hear. The sauce is fresh morel and ketchup jus. One of the judges says the sauce doesn't look great, but they all seem to love the taste. He gets 38 for presentation, meaning he'll need to be almost perfect on taste, and he does just that: 49 on taste.

His prize is a "phenomenal dining experience" at some of L.A.'s most unique restaurants, but since Ramsay says it's no fun to dine alone, Will gets to choose one of his chefs to join him. He says he'll do the honorable thing (and nothing makes a deed more honorable than telling everyone that what you're doing is honorable) and take Elise, since she finished second. This makes her giddy. In an interview, Paul begrudgingly says it was the right thing to do -- but he himself would not have taken Elise. Ramsay tells them there's a chauffer-driven Rolls Royce Phantom out there, which makes Elise say -- I think -- "Ballers!" as she high-fives Will, who is doing his best to not appear like a big clumsy white guy who doesn't know how to high-five undorkily.

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