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Season 9: 5 Chefs Compete

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As for the rest of them, it's laundry day -- washboards, clotheslines, the whole thing. Elise and Will get ready to go out, with Will explaining that he hopes doing something nice will be good for morale. I posit that murdering Elise would be good for morale, but I assume that's against the rules (and certainly the spirit) of the show.

So they pull up at Spago, owned of course by Wolfgang Puck, and then they sit down and have some sort of crazily presented layered-beets thing, and ... I'm sorry, but is Will REALLY not going to take off his goddamn baseball hat? He's in a nice restaurant, eating good food (in the presence of Mr. Puck himself), and he's going to leave his stupid backwards baseball cap on? His SWEAT-STAINED backwards baseball cap? What is WRONG with him? He has hair, we see it in the credits! I can't even speak, this makes me so angry. And it makes me sad when I see a woman out for dinner with her husband or boyfriend, and the occasion is not sufficiently special enough for him to remove his Yankees cap for ninety goddamn minutes. I mean, how far away are from seeing wedding pictures with guys in baseball hats?

Anyway, the losers are doing laundry and complaining about it, with Jennifer befuddled by Tommy's particular brand of crack-fuelled enthusiasm. And Elise and Hat Sweat have moved on to The Foundry, where Eric Greenspan has made them a special dish and Will STILL hasn't removed his gross hat. Anyway, Will and Elise have a conversation about leaving the drama behind, with Will not outright blaming Elise for anything, and Elise not outright admitting to anything. She also tells us that she doesn't have to explain herself to anyone.

Anyway, the tour of L.A.'s most unique restaurants appears to stop at two restaurants, because now we're back at Hell's Kitchen and Ramsay is sitting in Hell's Study and calling the dorm to tell Elise that he wants everyone in their black jackets in the kitchen urgently. When they get down there, he tells them that tomorrow night they're competing as a team against a team made up of black jacket-wearers from previous seasons. "Awesome," says Will, nodding.

Ramsay brings out the ringers: Ben, who finished fourth in Season 5 and who appears to have lost some weight since then. Jennifer says she had a crush on him. Then there's Tennille, who finished fourth in Season 6. "I remember Tennille. She's a strong woman, she's tough as nails. I want to be just like her." Try to guess who says that. From Season 8: Trev, who finished fourth. Also from Season 8: Jillian of the tattooed eyebrows, who finished third. Grinning, Ramsay tells them to brace themselves for the next one: Van, who finished sixth in Season 6. "Yeah, baby! Game time! Game time!" he screams as he comes galumphing through the doors.

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