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Season 9: 5 Chefs Compete

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Ramsay welcomes them all back, and then there is some sad attempt at trash-talking, which Ramsay instigates by saying the returning chefs are here to kick their asses. Elise says she hopes they brought their sunglasses, because they're about to shine. Tennille snaps back that she just brought bodybags (because she's going to murder each and every one of them). Paul tells us that each of the returning competitors has something to prove because they didn't make it to the end.

Ramsay lays out the rules: the teams will be serving a dinner of their own design, which they have one hour to come up with, starting now. The teams break off to plan, with the returning chefs swaggering a bit much for a team which features no one who finished higher than third. Especially Van, who finished worst than any of his opponents will.

Anyway, the vets seem relatively harmonious as they design the menu, and then we go over to the current chefs, which has Elise writing down appetizer suggestions but getting snitty when she feels like the menu is being dominated by any one person (which she seems to feel when anyone else gets a word in edgewise).

Eventually, Jennifer has to stand up and scream at her to shut up, which is as effective as you imagine it will be, and then Will gets all "Hulk smash!" and shakes a chair and yells that this is exactly what he was talking about when he said he didn't want the Red Team's bullshit coming over here. "You HAD to have been the problem," he tells Elise. "I'm not the problem because I'm still here," says Elise, who is apparently completely unfamiliar with how competitive reality shows often work. Will angrily tries to take the marker so he can write "Elise's Menu" at the top of the page. Tommy amicably says he's happy to make an Elise-designed menu but he's going to vote for her to go if they lose.

Will's not quite so on board with that idea. He decides he's going home right there, and stomps out, a heartbroken Jennifer all "Oh no, Will! Don't go!" It's kind of amusing, and a disgusted Elise tells her to quit with the theatrics. She doesn't mind seeing Will go, because it's less competition.

"There's just something Elise that lights my fuse, but I came here to win. I've gotta stay focused on the prize," he says, adding that if that entails removing himself from the situation, then that's what he'll do.

Meanwhile, on the vets' side, it's all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, with a menu they all seem happy with, as opposed to the current chefs' menu, drenched in blood and bile, with Elise quizzing Paul on whether he actually likes the menu or if it's just fine, and Jennifer going to go throw up while Tommy is nowhere to be found.

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