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Season 9: 5 Chefs Compete

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Things seem a little less tense in the Black Team's kitchen in the morning (I'm going to call them that, and call the vets the Vets, even though the Vets are actually wearing all black) as everyone prepares, but it seems like a walking-on-eggshells situation. Ben from the Vets explains that the advantage for them is they can just focus on the food since they're not concerned with anyone getting eliminated. He doesn't know that another advantage they have is not having Elise on their team. For their part, Paul says he's not going to pretend they're all BFFs with Elise now, but they have to pull it together. He just doesn't want to see another blowup.

Hell's Kitchen is open for business! Will and Tommy are leading the Black team on appetizers, which also means that Will is leading Tommy, who is, according to Elise, Will's "little bitch boy."

Over in the Vets, Trev tells us he's more confident, and more calm, cool and collected. But we get some tuba oompa-oompaing underneath clips of him running around decidedly uncalm. Then he sends out a salad too early. Not a huge deal.

The Black team, however, does well on appetizers and has moved on to entrées. Elise seems to be constantly asking Paul if her meat looks OK, which to Paul indicates that she doesn't know what she's doing. However, Ramsay's pleased with her entrees. Not so much in the Vets' kitchen, where Tennille serves up some cold fish. Then she serves up overcooked tuna. In Black, Paul brings up some overcooked lobster. And so now it's Elise's turn to talk about how Paul talks a good game but doesn't deliver, while she's been a leader since Day 1. And there's a lot of bickering between Elise and Paul over how much time he needs to get his dishes up to the pass.

The Vets seem to be getting it together now, while Paul's holding things up with his lobster. "I'm looking for a leader, not a line cook!" Ramsay yells at him, which prompts him to start pushing back at Elise. Then Van yells a bunch of stuff at us and says "Woo!" which may make for some amusing television, but it doesn't actually help cook his lamb, which he fucks up. He doesn't seem super-concerned about it. He should be, because David Krumholtz of Numbthreeers is in the dining room! You don't fuck up lamb for David Krumholtz!

Chef calls both teams to the pass to show them that both teams have just three tickets left, sending them into a tizzy as they race to finish first. But then Jennifer serves up some ice-cold bok choy, so Will takes it upon himself to look after the refire.

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