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Season 9: 5 Chefs Compete

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The teams finish at roughly the same time, and Ramsay gathers them again to tell them they've all proved worthy of the black jacket. He's got some serious thinking to do.

After the dining room has cleared out, Ramsay addresses the assembled chefs, telling them again they did a great job. So he's gone through the customer comment cards, which contain one question that will determine the winner. Is it "Marry/Fuck/Kill/Make Head Chef at BLT"? No, it's, "Would you return?" Ramsay tells us one kitchen's customers had an 80 percent "Yes" response, while the other's was at 96 percent.

After the commercial, we learn that the winning team is the current chefs, which sends them hugging and high-fiving each other. Not so many "woo"s from Van, who is a little bummed because he had a second chance and still didn't get to shine, but he doesn't mind letting the other team have their victory, because he's an executive chef now. "I'm an executive now!" he says.

Still, Ramsay's happy about the Vets, and he sends them off in a good mood. Unfortunately, though, he still has to get the current chefs to go back to the dorm to come up with two people to put forward for elimination. Elise says, "Whaaaaat?" because I guess she thought that all five of them would get to win this season now.

p>They head back to the dorm to hash it out. Tommy suggests Paul and Jennifer. Paul and Will wants to send Elise up because of the way she made menu selection a nightmare. A shouting match ensues between Elise and Paul, and then everyone scatters. "Fuck that bitch, bro," mutters Will.

Then, weirdly, Jennifer, saying she feels like this is her last night there, pulls Paul aside to tell him he's adorable and that she's had a crush on him since they got there, and he politely rebuffs her by reminding her that she's from Boston and he's from New York, and then they hug and it's all cool.

Anyway, they gather back in the dining room for the elimination, and the first nominee is Jennifer, because she had food sent back, and the other nominee is Elise, amusingly announced by Elise herself. "Because I'm overly abrasive," she deadpans.

Jennifer talks about how she's a better leader than Elise, but that notion is shot down by Ramsay who says she's a little TOO quiet for him. Elise starts yammering on about how she's up there because everyone is intimidated by her, and Will has to yell for her to get over herself.

Anyway, Ramsay tells Jennifer to take off her jacket -- because it's filthy, and she needs to have it washed before she cooks again. He also fakes out Elise, which means that this is a non-elimination episode and we have to see all these clowns again next week. Particularly chagrined is Jennifer. Not so much because Elise is still around, but because she's still there after confessing her love to Paul. I'm trying to think of something that might be more embarrassing to hitting on a guy on a television show. Maybe literally shit one's pants? That comes close.

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