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The Ice So Nice They Carried it Twice

Well, this is "Seven Chefs Compete Part 1" so we know going in that there will be the good ol' "To Be Continued" sign tonight. How many episodes are they going for this season? Thirty?

The shell-shocked teams debrief in the dorms, with Jon -- possibly high -- talking about "the beast of Hell's Kitchen" rising up, and mixing in Frankenstein (let me be the pedant who points out he means "Frankenstein's monster") and Atlas. Anthony's assessment is simpler: "God, we suck."

Meanwhile, Red wonders how the hell Nedra went from awesome on apps for them to a complete implosion as soon as she went over to Blue. Mary thinks Zach is the problem, and not just because he is currently hanging out with Red and talking shit about Nedra. Mary figures he might have actually sabotaged Nedra. More sensibly, the rest of Red is working on getting drunk.

The next morning, the chefs assemble in the dining room, everyone hyper-aware that six will receive black jackets. (So tune in next week!) Ramsay starts rambling about the five senses, finally coming around to "touch," and with the help of two volunteers -- who wind up being Cyndi and Anthony -- he's going to be testing their senses of touch. Chef James wheels out a box with holes in it (is there really never anything better the show can edit in than a chef -- Ja'Nel in this case -- talking about how they had no idea what the challenge was going to be? Why do they always do this?), and Cyndi and Anthony step forward. Ramsay's going to put something in the box and they have to feel around and determine what it is. Mary, for one, worries that Ramsay could put "weird things" in there, "like Zach's boxers or a dragon." (I swear to God.) I presume Ramsay's going to stay in the realm of "food" not to mention "things that exist."

Ramsay sticks a bowl of egg yolks in there, and the chefs stick an arm in each and both get it correctly. (Ramsay using the less-than-ideal method of making them both say out loud at the same time what it is they're feeling.) They also both get polenta, although that one seemed tougher, at least for Anthony. Finally, it's a bowl of ice-cold oysters. (Their teammates are really helpful, yelling things like "really put your hand in there.") Anthony gets oysters and Cyndi didn't, but Blue wins. Not surprisingly, since that was such a quick game, Blue doesn't actually win jack shit, because that's just a warm-up for the blind taste test. Jon tells us he's been looking forward to this, and the two "idiots" on his team -- whoa! -- better be ready for it.

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