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Fran seems stressed and angry in an interview. Now she blames Autumn and Chef Ramsay and generally everyone other than herself. We jump through a time hole and arrive at entrees. Jamie's first one is no good, so everyone on the red team has to come feel it. Chef Ramsay says it feels like cold cream on a hot steak, and Maria laughs. Chef Ramsay shouts at her for laughing and she apologizes. Then she laughs nervously and Chef Ramsay loses his mind with rage, throwing three of them out of the kitchen. I think it's Jamie, Maria, and Fran. Fran tries to claim she's not leaving her team, but she doesn't have a choice. JP goes out to collect Nilka, telling her to "Get in the cage."

Up in the dorms, Jamie, Maria, and Fran rack up the bleeps. They could be spending this time studying the menu. Just a thought.

Scott is being officious at Mikey, explaining that he's on garnishes, which means he's in charge. Mike didn't want to serve this halibut yet, but Scott made him do it. "RAW! RAW! RAW" shouts Chef Ramsay, sounding like a cheerleader from the 1950s. That's an awesome joke you just read and I hope you appreciated it.

The red team is running smoothly and they're getting food out. The blue team is having problems, though, because Benjamin and Salvatore are screwing up appetizers. And they won't answer when Chef Ramsay wants to know how long the last appetizer will be, so they get tossed.

Red side. Stacey says the salmon will take five minutes, which she immediately cuts to three upon being shouted at. No good; she's sent to the dorms. Mikey's got some cold halibut, and yet again, Chef Ramsay goes with "Do me a [bleep]ing favor. Get out!"

The red kitchen is down to four chefs and the blue kitchen has five. Chef Ramsay calls everyone together and says they're all [bleep]ing useless, but he's still determined to achieve what the voiceover guy calls "his dream of a complete service." You know, he might stand a better chance if he didn't keep throwing people out of the kitchen in an attempt to generate drama. Anyway, the surviving members are merged so that they can work together. I'm sure that helps everyone cook better. You know, constantly being in fear of getting fired in the middle of the service and then getting moved from kitchen to kitchen.

The dorms are full of ennui. The kitchens have pep. Ed is shouting a lot. He's also successfully cooking meat. Come to think of it, teaching high school might be excellent training for wrangling reality show chefs. So they finish the service, although we don't see any dessert action.

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