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The chefs are lined up in the kitchen for the traditional dressing-down. Chef Ramsay decides, fairly arbitrarily, that the red team lost. They are to come to a consensus on two of them to nominate for elimination. Up in the dorms, Maria defends herself on the grounds that she got thrown out before she ever got to cook anything. Autumn suggests Fran and Stacey, and Fran gets extremely defensive. She accuses Autumn of "just standing there." Well, Autumn was on the dessert station, and that barely even exists. It's not her fault she got hidden on the easy station on the first day. Fran now thinks Autumn should go home because she's not a team player. I suspect Fran's definition of "not a team player" is "nominated me for elimination."

Down in the dining room, it's elimination tome. Chef Ramsay goes to Autumn for the names. Up first, Stacey, because service started badly. After the commercials and a long pause, Fran goes next and gives a lovely eye-roll.

Fran, why should you stay? "I don't think I did the worst today. I don't know why I was sent upstairs." This just gives Gordon a chance to make fun of her again for not knowing the difference between lobster and crab. He asks her how many legs a lobster has, and she dries up. Her new excuse is "I was a kosher chef." Stacey, why should you stay? "I'm a team player and I have nowhere to go but up here." Fran threatens to show Gordon her testicles. Stacey is sent home. Fran vows revenge on Autumn.

Stacey admits that she screwed up and also gives herself kudos for being so great at admitting that. Jason claims that they "kicked the girls' butts," which does not really describe what happened. Gordon says that Stacey was a private chef because her food wasn't good enough for the public.

Next week: Gordon shouts at people!

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Watch the full episode here if you missed it.

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