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"I'm dying here!" yells Justin, which doesn't impress Royce, who finally gets the crab cakes right on the third try, and even a dismal .333 batting average (dismal in the kitchen, I mean) is enough for Royce to bust out his own "Rolls Royce" nickname.

In Red, Dana's scallops and Robyn's risotto are holding up appetizers. Dana tells us she's genuinely trying, because she doesn't want Christina to look bad. Robyn blames Dana's burnt scallops for causing her risotto to get sent back too, since it was up there waiting for so long. Dana's next scallops are better, and the order goes out, and their appetizers are done. Blue also moves on from appetizers, but not without some general buffoonery from Clemenza to worry Justin.

In Red, Christina doesn't like the look of Dana's halibut, and she likes even less Dana getting shirty over Christina's order to fire some new ones. Then she brings the halibut to the pass, only for Christina to tell her those are the same ones she ordered Dana to kill. Dana argues, and Andi has to step in to tell her to listen to Christina, but Dana continues to argue. At this point, their friendship means nothing, Christina tells us, not in an angry way -- she just needs Dana to do what she asks her to do to get the food out.

"Dana just screwed the pooch big time," Patrick tells us. "All this hard work is about to disintegrate," Ramsay tells Christina, warning her to get the message to Dana or switch her out of the station. Christina, all "You got me, I got you!" with Dana, decides to let her stay in for a little while longer.

Blue is getting entrees out much faster, but a dish is sent back because the fish is cold. Royce doesn't understand why he's being blamed. After all, Justin should have checked it before sending it out. I'm not sure "he should have checked to make sure I didn't do a shitty job" is much of a defense, but it's not like Royce has a ton of excuses to fall back on.

Meanwhile, Dana nails her next attempt at halibut, kicking off a good run for Red. Justin's not even waiting for Ramsay to send stuff back for Blue. It's going back for being undercooked, overcooked, too salty, not free-range, anti-choice and a fan of Dane Cook.

Red's on their last ticket, and Christina's hoping they can finish strong on the last ticket. Then Dana serves up some undercooked pork on the last ticket, and Ramsay gives her the choice of sending it out as is or delaying the last order a few more minutes. It's not really a choice, and Christina makes the correct decision to pull it back and start over.

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