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Whistler While You Work

A suspicious person would wonder if Montykins specifically timed his vacation so that he'd be out of town the week that the finale of this lackluster season aired. I am that sort of person, so I'm definitely thinking he planned this. Especially when he found out it was two hours. Note to self: Check the calendar more closely when approving vacation time in the future. Anyway, you're stuck with me for the night, so let's get take a deep breath and get on with padding!

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 13
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 35
The Amount Angel Cares Who Actually Wins This Thing: 0

The remaining chefs are leaving the restaurant after last week's meet-up with their families. They all want a smoke, even Kevin, who doesn't smoke. They all feel inspired after seeing their loved ones, and now they think they have what it takes to make it to the end. Apparently, they never thought this before, only now that they've gotten the best surprise ever. And might I ask, how is it a surprise if you've ever seen this show before? They ALWAYS bring the family members in at the end.

The next morning, at the crack of dawn, Dave's smoking instead of sleeping because he's really nervous. Healthy! They all interview that they can't wait for the final two. Let's not count our chickens, Ariel. Downstairs Gordon reminds them for the millionth time about the job in Whistler. He presents three domes that each have a flag from a different nation tucked underneath them. Each chef gets to pick a platter and come up with a dish based on that nation's cuisine. Ariel gets China. Dave gets India and he's panicking because he's never cooked Indian food. Kevin gets Mexico and thinks it's a gimme. But Dave shouldn't have been too worried because some producer even pulled spices and foods from each nation and put them on segregated shelves. Could this be easier? They get 45 minutes to cook something, Dave really has some struggles, he's not even sure if he's allowed to use beef or pork. He thinks that he vaguely remembers something about not eating cows in India, but that's where his knowledge base ends.

After they've stressed and rushed their plates to the pass, Gordon informs them that he's brought in three amazing chefs to do taste test. Vikas Khanna, an Indian chef, Thomas Ortega, who merits no special introduction, and Eddie Wong, who runs Mr. Chow. I've seen him make noodles on TV before. It's mesmerizing. Ariel gets nervous (just like Dave a few weeks ago) and can't even tell the chefs what she cooked. Through her mumbling I'm able to ascertain that she made noodles that have leeches and plums? Maybe? The guest judges aren't really fans. Kevin made an orange and cumin pork tenderloin with a chocolate mole sauce... but he forgot to put the sauce on the plate. Ariel is unabashedly smiling.

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