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The Final Course

Previously on Hell's Kitchen: the whole season! Also the previous six seasons, I guess.

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 2
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 29

It's hard to tell when the Previouslies are technically over. A lot of time is spent reminding us who Jay and Holli are, and that they've been caught canoodling on camera. But it's not really new content, so I don't feel any particular urge to recap it. The actual episode starts with Gordon telling Holli and Jay to go upstairs and start thinking about their menus.

Both of them assure us that they intend to win. Then they go upstairs and hug. We fade out on vaguely pornographic music. Moving on to the next day, Holli and Jay prep in their individual kitchens. Jay's in the blue kitchen and Holli's in red, because Gordon Ramsay refuses to let go of the division-by-sexes thing on this show. Can you guess which of them has the male sous chef and which has the woman? Hey, you were right!

Holli explains that the inspiration for her menu was French. And California. Sous Chef Andi tells the two contestants to go upstairs and dress nicely, because the limo will be there soon. There's yet another shot of Holli in her bra. The limo arrives and whisks them off to Gordon's confusingly-named restaurant "The London West Hollywood." The Savoy is still under construction, so they have to go here. He takes them to the rooftop pool, where there's a view of a giant sign congratulating them. And there's also a big crowd of extras cheering them. One of them yells "Holli, you're smokin' hot, baby!"

It's final challenge time! Each of them will have one hour to cook five dishes, and then they'll be judged by five of Gordon's executive chefs. And it will come down to the last dish, although Gordon doesn't mention that part. Jay refers to the judges as "the head chefs of Europe," which is a phrasing that suggests to me that he has once seen a movie starring George Segal. As they cook, they're shown on the big projection screens outside, and the crowd cheers fervently for one or the other of them. It's super-fake. Although I'm willing to believe that the images really were projected on those screens.

The first of the five executive chefs to judge a dish (and I'll just spoil the drama by revealing that none of them is a previous season's winner) is James Durrant of Maze. He's doing the amuse bouche. Holli presents a virgin Bloody Mary with a worcestershire foam. He likes it! Jay has a cold shot of tomato water. Jay wins!

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