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The Final Course

For cold appetizers, we now have Diego Cardoso from Murano. Holli has several types of stuffed caviar, while Jay has a grilled lamb loin. Diego selects Holli, and we're tied up 1-1.

Hot appetizers! Clare Smyth is head chef at the tastefully named Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road. Holli has foie gras, and Jay has bacon-wrapped scallops. Holli wins and leads 2-1.

Steve Allen (not the guy from television) is from Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's and will now judge the fish course. Holli has five-spiced tuna, and Jay has arctic char. The challenge would be over if Holli won, so obviously he picks Jay. We're tied 2-2 and we go to the final dish, just like we always do.

Meat entree! It will be judged by Stuart Gillies, who is billed as "Patron Chef" at Savoy Grill. Note that the Savoy Grill is the alleged prize this season. So a "patron chef" is clearly above the "head chef" job they're trying to win. Anyway, Holli serves up a wagyu filet and Jay has a grilled Kobe strip. They're both delicious and Stuart pretends he can't decide. Gordon makes him decide and the crowd shouts for whichever cook their segment was previously directed to shout for. I mean, they haven't even tried to justify how these people have decided on their passionate preference.

Stuart picks Jay, which makes Jay happy. I can understand that. Holli tries to assure us that all that matters is the last service.

This season, there is no wacky reveal of the previously-eliminated goons. Instead, Siobhan, Fran, Nilka, Jason, Benjamin and Autumn just walk into the kitchen. Gordon is positively giddy about the idea of losers coming back onto the show. This is because he is somehow not as sick of Benjamin as I am. The chefs will be returning to the dorms, which bums Jay out, because he thought he would get sexytimes with Holli. I'm sure Ben is wondering why he had to pack all his stuff up yesterday. I mean, I don't like the guy, but it still seems like a lot of extra work. Gordon makes some unconvincing chit-chat with the returned losers, and then it's time for the picking.

Jay picks Benjamin, which leads to Ben doing his usual bragging in an interview. Holli picks Autumn, and both of those picks seem fine to me. Jay grabs Jason, Holli takes Nilka, and we're down to Fran and Siobhan. Jay picks Fran, which means that Holli gets Siobhan. Siobhan rants about the disrespect that Ben showed her sandwich that one time. I was on her side on that, but I stopped caring when she left.

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