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The Final Course

In the patio, Holli shows her team (Autumn, Nilka, Siobhan) her menu and assigns prep tasks. Siobhan has not cooked foie gras before, and Autumn offers to help her. Autumn interviews that she's going to have to work "fish and garnish and also cover hot and cold apps to help out Siobhan." That seems like a lot of work.

Up in the dorms, Ben shows his team -- wait, I have that wrong. It is, of course, Jay's team. It only felt like Ben's because he's the one writing on the giant notepad and doing all the talking. Okay, so Jay's team is Ben, Jason and Fran. I think Fran looks a little thrown by the menu. Jay's team is confident.

Overnight, the dining room gets turned into the half-and-half thing they do for the finale. Then it's time for prep! Holli is frustrated by Siobhan's slowness, and Autumn tells us that Siobhan doesn't have the training for fine dining. I had hoped that by THE FINALE we would have been past the point of dealing with people who aren't trained for this. At this point in the season, I'm supposed to be watching with open-mouthed awe at the amazing work of these remarkable chefs. Anyway, everyone watches Siobhan's chopping technique with horror and Sous Chef Andi goes over to show her what to do.

In Jay's kitchen, Fran expresses concern that Benjamin might be taking on too many of the responsibilities. And it does look like he's doing a lot of the prep himself. Sous Chef Andi pulls Jay and Holli out of prep to go upstairs and talk to Gordon. They're both panicked about what horrible things could be about to happen. I like that on this show, people anticipate horrible swerves. On Top Chef, they always seem so shocked when the rules change. Anyway, here are some things that Gordon might be about to tell them. He might say, "You're switching menus and teams." He might say, "Whoever loses will be killed and barbecued by the winner." He might say "[Bleep]." Or he might just wish them good luck and give them their Head Chef jackets. Let's find out!

In fact, he tells them both that they're going to Australia. What? Well, that was not on my list. They're not going right now, though. For now, he wishes them good luck and gives them their Head Chef jackets. Shocking!

Jay is confident because he has not-Siobhan on his side. Holli describes herself as "scary confident" and her team does a Team Fistbump. Holli warns them that she'll probably be a bitch tonight. Good to know!

Jay's mother and stepfather are on his side of the dining room. Holli's side contains her son and friend-who-is-the-son's-father. JP brings the first orders in. Holli stumbles a bit on calling it out, but Jay is very clear. Jay's good at that. Siobhan is slow on Holli's amuse bouches and has to remake one. Holli is a little worried about that.

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