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The Final Course

Fran burns some scallops and explains to Jay that the oil got too hot too fast. Oh, dear. And on Holli's side, Siobhan misses the veg for some lobster, which means that Autumn feels the need to take over, but she doesn't know what's on order. It's kind of a mess. Jay gets his first table out and tells his team they're doing well. He tells us that it's stressful having Gordon Ramsay prowling around your kitchen. I bet it is!

Nilka is heard muttering "I hope this brioche is good," which is a bad sign. And the brioche gets rejected by Holli, which I think is actually going to be a mark in her favor in Ramsay's eyes. She can't control how Nilka cooks, but she can control what she sends out. Her kid appears to enjoy the food.

Jay catches some raw lamb from Jason and sends it back with a few [bleep]s. The replacement lamb is still raw and now even Gordon is getting frustrated with Jason. Incidentally, if you've ever wondered, I call him "Gordon" on the challenge rewards, "Chef Ramsay" when he's running the dinner service, and "Ramsay" or "Gordon Ramsay" at other times. Right now, he's not in charge of the kitchen, so I'm just calling him Gordon. We've been together for three and a half seasons, so I think I've earned the right to be a little casual with him.

So now there's a table out there with three people eating and one person waiting for his lamb. But Jason eventually gets it right. Holli, meanwhile, moves on to entrees. And the drama will be coming from Nilka, who has never cooked venison. She brings up some meat to the pass and Holli rejects it immediately, asking Nilka if she even looked at it. Apparently it looks like venison jerky, which sounds pretty tasty to me. Nilka gets a little frustrated when both Holli and Gordon get on her case.

Jay gets some food returned for being tough and he tells Jason to try slicing the steaks a little thinner. Jason gets behind a little, so Jay decides to try something not in the Gordon Ramsay Playbook. Explaining to us that Jason doesn't react well to yelling, Jay talks soothingly to Jason, telling him to calm down. Gordon looks a little disgusted, but it's not clear if he's mad at Jay for being nice or Jason for screwing up.

At this juncture, Benjamin decides to get some more screen time. He starts calling out the next orders and generally acting like a sous chef. Jay appreciates it. Holli praises Nilka's venison, but Autumn is overloaded and doesn't have the garnish. Holli says for someone to help Autumn out, but Autumn insists she doesn't need help. So where's the garnish? Autumn does not have an answer, but insists (repeatedly) that no one on the team but her knows what they're doing. That's great, but then where's the garnish?

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