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The Circle of Life

Nathan's in Millie's foyer, where she asks him if he forgot something. He says he didn't, and he has to tell her something. He says he can't tell her how he knows this now, but Kelly didn't run away. She died, and he was there, and it was an accident. Millie tries to protest that Kelly got on a plane, but he insists. He says it was all covered up by his... family, apparently not wanting to rat Angela out solely. She asks him what kind of twisted game he's playing, and tells him to leave. He turns and apologizes on his way out. She's visibly shaken.

Claire's still asking HRG interview questions. She asks what his greatest strength is, and he says that above all else, he's a company man; no one's more dedicated to their work than he is. She's like, "See? What lumber company wouldn't want you?" He sighs heavily and she asks him what's wrong. He basically tells her he regrets his life when he looks back on it. She says he shouldn't, since all he did was help people. He points out that shooting people and wiping their memories didn't feel like helping, and he never really helped anyone. Not this again. She says he helped her. She says he doesn't really want to sell lumber, does he, and he says, "Not at all." Well, glad it took us 37 minutes into the episode to establish something we all knew, even Claire.

Tokyo. Ando's typing again, at 11:00. Kimiko tells him Hiro said yes. Hiro comes in with more toner and more printer pieces in his hands. Ando wants to have the same boring conversation, and Hiro seems to be as sick of it as I am. Only not really as sick of it, because he's the one who keeps on freaking living it, for no reason other than to save some dolt who will apparently stop at nothing to photocopy his butt at work. Hiro explains he's been doing this over and over again, so we know we aren't seeing every time. How stupid is it that Hiro, knowing that traveling in time is killing him, is going through time over and over again to stop a guy from photocopying his butt. And why can't he just go back and tell Tadashi not to do it, that he'll get fired? Wouldn't that be easier than destroying all of the copiers, that might actually need to be used by other employees for legitimate business? Ando really wants Hiro to tell Kimiko, and Hiro hesitates and looks at her. Then heads to the roof. This time, he and Tadashi sit on the roof and Hiro tells him everything that's happened, ending in Hiro telling him they both have learned truths about themselves that they must face. Tadashi's is that he must really hate his job to find 47 (47!) ways to copy his butt. He tells Tadashi he shouldn't jump, because life is a gift. Hiro's truth is that he's dying, and he's been keeping it a secret, and what matters is family. He tells Tadashi that he'll always have a friend waiting in heaven. That's weird. And then Tadashi thanks him, and Hiro heads inside.

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