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The Circle of Life

Inside, Ando sees Hiro, who tells him he was right; it's time to tell Kimiko the truth. He finds her, and tells her he's been on the roof having an epiphany and has something to tell her. We watch with Ando through the glass as they talk and then she cries. He hugs her and says he's sorry. Then he has a pain in his head and he freezes for a moment, then says he's fine. Ando goes to call for help and then Hiro disappears. Kimiko can't believe her eyes, but Ando's thinking, "Not this again."

Bennett's in his sushi restaurant again, when Tracy enters. He asks if he's that predictable that she knew she'd find him here, and she says, "You live upstairs." So now we know that for sure. She tells him she got her old job back with Governor Malden, so he offers to buy her a celebratory tuna roll. She's not hungry and actually doesn't know why she's here. He tells her she got her old life back, which is what she wanted, but she says working for the governor isn't about helping people. So he tells her to quit. But she can't, because so many people would kill for her position. Because, you know, she wants to help people but she wants people to be jealous of her even more. HRG tells her that life changes, and we have to change with it. He says that maybe she can't go home again. Maybe she just had to remember who she was to figure out who she wants to be. She tells him she has to go; she has a dinner with Malden and can't be late. She thanks him for the advice, though, and he tells her "Anytime." He's great at dishing it out, but he's not so great at getting his own act together.

Tracy arrives at a fancy restaurant, where the governor's so happy to see her. He tells her how great it is to have her back, and that he missed her. He says this is just like old times, but she says she'd like her job to be more this time. She wants to set agendas and help people who can't help themselves. She says she wants to make a real difference in people's lives. He tells her she doesn't have to work so hard to impress him, since he already knows how great she is. He suggests they skip dinner and go upstairs to make each other happy, just like old times. Ew. She excuses herself and goes to the bathroom, where she looks like she's about to cry, but instead her hands turn to water and start running into the sink. A woman walks in so she hides her crying arms behind her back. Then they stop and she looks at her solid hands. She heads back out to the governor, who asks her if everything's okay, "baby." She says everything's not okay, and she wouldn't expect him to understand. She walks off with a smug look on her face.

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