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The Circle of Life

Mama Petrelli's at dinner with Millie, who tells her that Nathan seemed very confused and wanted to share his side of the story. Mama Petrelli says Nathan's always been overly theatrical, which is probably what drew him to politics. She wonders what exactly Nathan said, and Millie tells her she feels silly telling her this, but he said that Kelly was dead, that he was with her when he died. We hear her voice finish talking as we see a car pull up in the dark woods. She says she told Nathan no, and then we see that Nathan's knocked out in the back of said car. Angela apologizes that Nathan bothered Millie with this. Millie says she's always cared for Nathan, and the two women touch hands across the table. Mama Petrelli says he just hasn't been himself lately. She apologizes for his behavior, and says no one should go through that pain twice. Millie says, honestly, she's over it, and the kidnapper throws Nathan into a hole in the ground and shoots him. Millie's phone rings and she asks Angela to excuse her, but she has to get this. It's our shooter in the woods, telling Millie, "The package is delivered." She sweetly says that's wonderful and thanks him so much. Angela asks if it was something important, and Millie says not at all. She asks where they were, and Angela reminds her: "closure." Millie: "Of course. To closure." The car backs out of the woods, and then a hand comes up from the ground, a la Carrie. It's Sylar, but not even Sylar-as-Nathan. That's Zachary Quinto. Does this mean Adrian Pasdar is no more? But what about the pretty? Clocks tick, and "To be continued..."

Next week: Peter saves our deaf sound-seer from being hit by a bus. Hopefully not the same way George O'Malley saved a girl from being hit by a bus. I wouldn't want Peter's beautiful face all mangled up like that. Sylar comes out of the woods, confused, and ends up arrested. Warden Leo's interrogating Sylar about how he killed his mother. Sylar innocently says he didn't kill anybody. I think he thinks he's Nathan, maybe, but now he's Zachary Quinto? He throws Leo through a window. Some girl asks Claire if she used to be a cheerleader, and when Claire wonders how she knew, she says Gretchen told her. Gretchen waves. Then she tells Claire she's not stalking her (riiiiiiight), and then she kisses her. Ew. And Claire's wearing lots of eyeliner, so we know she's no longer our innocent little Claire anymore, but, like, a lesbian. Except for the kissing thing, that actually doesn't look half bad.

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