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Feels Like The First Time
reezing travels up her arms and eventually all the way over her face. Tracy asks if she can hear her. Um, Tracy? You should probably know how this works by now. She's frozen, so no, she cannot.

Peter's arriving at a storage unit, which he's unlocking when the camera shows us Nathan, who says he thought they were done with this cloak-and-dagger stuff. He can't figure out why the Haitian didn't want him in the loop, but Peter says it doesn't matter now. They open up the door and see a gigantic, coffin-sized box. Peter stands lookout, while Nathan opens it. He says it's a body and then unwraps the plastic and we get a close-up of his freaking-out face. He tells Peter, "It's me," and he and Peter look longingly at each other. Because nothing makes either of them hotter for each other than a third person -- as long as it's someone shapeshifted into one of them. Then we see Nathan's dead body. His neck wound has been stitched up, and he's cryogenically frozen or something, because he's still totally intact. Commercials, including the latest Slow Burn, in which Samuel uses a Sprint phone for navigation, explaining to everyone how this phone brought them Amanda. He creepily leans in and kisses her on the head as Lydia the Tattooed Lady looks at him ominously.

Back in the storage unit, Peter assures Nathan that's not him; it's a shapeshifter or something. Nathan thinks there has to be a reason the shapeshifter wanted him to see this. Sylar-as-Nathan touches the body and gets flashes of Parkman and Sylar. He tells Peter he saw Sylar, but Peter tells him the guy's been dead for weeks. He says he also saw Parkman, who was angry. They know they won't get straight answers out of Mama Petrelli or the Haitian so they're off to find Parkman.

Meanwhile, Tracy's struggling with a fully frozen Claire, trying to get her into the bath. Then she accidentally drops her and her foot falls off. She's freaking out about it, as one would do if a foot fell off into their hands. She sits and cries, then Claire sits up behind her and explains she heals: "It's, like, what I do." She takes her foot back and they giggle.

Back in Nathan's office, he asks Peter if he thinks you ever really know somebody. Peter asks if he's hearing himself and then says what he sees when he looks at all of the awards in Nathan's case is the big brother who would let him win by a nose in a race, the naval officer who would rearrange his leaves so Peter could have a good birthday, and the guy who's saved his ass more than a few times in the past few years. Nathan says he's made a lot of mistakes, but Peter says he has to and not to beat himself up for it. Nathan's secretary re-enters and says she found a Matt Parkman, in a hospital in Texas, under guard, after trying to commit suicide by cop. Nathan says Matt's in critical condition, and Peter tells him he can heal people now.

Carnival. Hiro's staring at a map and making his squeezed teleportation face when Samuel tells him, "Tick-tock. Tick-tock." Who does he think he is? Sylar? Hiro says he's trying, and Samuel comes over and tells him he can do this; he has faith in him. Then we flash back to India, where Mohinder's still watching the video of his father, studying equations on the blackboard. He gets all into it, looking through books and pasting stuff together into a weird collage. When Mira finds him passed out among his father's things the next morning, she's pissed. He tells her he's made a remarkable discovery about a certain power, "a quantifiable force." She's still pissed, but he goes on that he made a sort of compass using his father's equations. Ah, so that's what that was... She interrupts him and say he's possessed again by the voices. He says it's important, because if the child is still alive and surrounds himself by enough "specials" (is that what we're calling them now?), he can become the most pow... She stops him and tells him to think about what he has to lose, because she won't wait for him to return if he disappears again. He sits and looks at the compass he's built. It must not be the same as the other compass that only works when held by a hero?

Present-day Texas hospital. Peter and Nathan lurk behind shelves of medical supplies, staring at Parkman. Luckily for them, the guards are flirting with nurses, so they head right into the room and shut the door. Peter heals Parkman, who wakes up with a fish-eye lens on Peter telling him he's okay, then the camera and Matt's head spins to Sylon (now just the Sylon again), who says, "Good things do come to those who wait." Thank god, right? Because this show has been so bad for so long, yet we suffer through it. Parkman screams at Sylon. But then he tells Nathan and Peter to run before Sylar comes back. They tell him Sylar's dead, but Parkman explains that it sounds crazy but he's in Matt's head and will jump back into his body if he can. Nathan asks him what he means by his body, and Matt says, "Nathan, you're dead." Sylon walks along behind Peter and Nathan. Parkman explains Nathan's death, then Sylon walks up and says he'd like to skip five stages of grief and he sticks his noncorporeal hand into Matt's head, which causes him to lay back and seize. Then he sits up and Parkman's a Sylon again. Sylon-in-Parkman talks sweetly to Nathan and asks him to take his hand. Commercials.

Sylon-in-Parkman repeats the line about taking his hand again, and Parkman-Sylon (who cannot be heard) says not to. Nathan tells Peter it all makes sense; these powers are Sylar's. He says he doesn't exist. Peter says it's not true, and as Sylon-in-Parkman continues asking him to take his hand from the bed, Peter turns and yells that he'll kill him first. Nathan tosses Peter aside with a wave of his hand, and says Matt's right; it's time to end it. Parkman-Sylon tries to stop it, but he's fake. Nathan walks toward Sylon-in-Parkman, then the cops come in to stop them. He doesn't take his hand, but barely touches it when he spins around. Then Parkman's in the bed again, screaming, "Where is he?! Nathan, is he in you?!" But that is backwards logic, right? Because Nathan is in Sylar, so Sylar can't be in Nathan. Sylar would be back in himself, and Nathan's still there. And, yes, this all sounds very dirty. Anyway, Nathan picks up Peter and flies out the window.

Mohinder, still using his compass, finds the Sullivan Bros. carnival eight weeks ago. When he arrives, a guy asks if he can help him, and Mohinder says he's looking for someone named Samuel Sullivan, if he exists. The guy stands up and says he's Joseph Sullivan, and Samuel's his brother. They walk together as Mohinder babbles about how Samuel might be able to magnify his powers just by being near others with abilities. Joseph plays dumb about powers and abilities. They arrive at a trailer, and a punk-rock looking Samuel comes out. Because, you know, eight weeks ago he was still a dumb kid, then Joseph died. Samuel introduces himself, and then Joseph tells Samuel that Dr. Suresh is writing a book on traveling carnies. Samuel wonders if people would want to read that, and Mohinder lies badly that it's a colorful and exotic world. Joseph sends Samuel to the fire pit, where Edgar and Damien could use his help building a fire. Mohinder tells Joseph he traveled 8,000 miles to speak with Samuel, so he better have a damn good reason for trying to stop him. Joseph invites him inside the trailer.

Back in the present, a guard is wheeling a body into the morgue. Parkman comes out from under the blanket and tells the guard what happened: Parkman was dead, he took him to the morgue (because guards do that, so that won't seem fishy). Then he asks for the guard's clothes, which he of course gives him. Parkman rushes him.

Nathan and Peter land somewhere that looks like the edge of the Grand Canyon or something. Peter asks why they're here, and Nathan says he shouldn't be around people right now. He says he nearly put

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