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Shattered Dreams

Tracy's in one of the dressing rooms of a clothing store, having procured herself a new outfit. She uses her power to freeze off the security tag on the sweater, but when she opens the door to the stall, she runs straight into Bennet. After chiding her for not sticking with Matt, as that would have enabled her to avoid him easily, he enters and draws his weapon, saying he thinks he can pull the trigger faster than she can turn him to ice, but he'd rather not take that chance. She replies that he'd do well not to test her, as she's feeling one hell of a cold snap coming on now that she's out of that heated room, so after an interruption from the dressing-room attendant that they both play off, Tracy tells Bennet she doesn't know who Rebel is, and Bennet tells her if she leads him to Rebel, he'll let her go, but otherwise her life is over. Not sure if Bennet is planning on keeping his word here, given what he told Danko, nor am I sure that it makes sense for Tracy to trust Bennet to do so, but regardless, she looks reluctantly convinced.

In a hospital, Matt races down a hall calling for help with Daphne in his arms, and some medics get her on a gurney and call for preparation for surgery. Matt tells the lead guy that Daphne's name is "Janice," which I won't bother commenting on because Daphne's going to do it for me, and then babbles that the injury is from an accident on a duck-hunting trip, and while it may be a stretch to take that as a dig at Dick Cheney, I'm going to do so regardless. The lead guy says they have to report all gunshot wounds to the police, but Matt uses his mind mojo to get the guy to drop that idea, and also to tell him to stick around and make sure she's okay, presumably because Mohinder was just on him to be prepared to make tracks out of there. When the medics all have left, Matt and Mohinder both look worried, probably not for exactly the same reasons.

Hiro is saying that Matt Jr.'s ability is "Toddler Touch And Go," so I suppose it's not completely accurate to call him a human remote control, yet I'm not sure that's going to stop me. He goes on that he's like the Genesis Device in Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan -- creating "life from lifelessness" -- which I don't see at all, but there are numerous reasons I'm not about to get involved in a geek argument with Hiro. As Matt Jr., by touching every toy in the room, turns the place into FAO Schwarz's wet dream, Ando protests that they can't just take the kid away, so Hiro gets the brilliant idea to leave a note, like, I'm sure Janice will be really heartened when she reads this:

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