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Shattered Dreams

"Mrs. Matt Pahkman! Your baby is Hero! And I, Hiro, am also Hero! So obviously I must kidnap him! Yatta!"

Or, you know, whatever marginally more sensical thing he actually gets around to writing once he finishes scolding Matt Jr. for all the commotion he's causing. Ando hilariously says he's seen this kind of thing on Dr. Phil -- Hiro had a cold Daddy. "You have childhood issues, which means you have child issues." Well, he certainly has childish issues, but Ando may be onto something here. Hiro sarcastically thanks him, but when Ando brings up his mother, he tells him he's being insensitive. Ando doesn't see what the big deal is, given that she died sixteen years earlier, but Hiro confesses what happened last chapter, when he time-traveled and met his mother again, and then she died in his arms. Ando sensitively asks why he didn't tell him, and Hiro continues to busy himself with packing a bag for Matt Jr. as he says he was afraid he'd cry if he did. Ando says he's about to cry himself, which Hiro warns him off doing so he won't cry, and it sounds comedic on the page but it really isn't -- it's actually an affecting emotional beat that the show needs to remember to throw in more often. Ando asks if this business is why Hiro's scared of the baby, but Hiro denies being afraid of him -- it's just that he wants to be brave for him. Just then, they hear the front door close, so they pick up the baby and head for the closet...

...only the toys are still going bazoo, so it doesn't take Janice long to search the place and find, amid a pile of stuffed animals, her son, along with Hiro and Ando, buried among the toys except for their smiling faces. She notes that they're not from the babysitting service, and given what we saw of said service's last offering I'd guess she was tipped off by the fact that Hiro and Ando are actually playing with the child.

Tracy's walking down the street when she realizes that an ATM is calling her name, and when she investigates, the thing spits out some cash and a train ticket from Union Station, along with a locker number. She thanks Rebel, as well she should, because it's one thing to give her a place to go, but it's another to pay for a cab to get her there. She takes off, but when we pull back from the curb, we see Micah is watching her, so it unsurprisingly (although still satisfyingly) looks like he's Rebel. He calls for a taxi as well, and we can hear his voice has changed since he was last on the show. At least he doesn't appear to have grown twelve feet in his time off like Walt on Lost did.

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